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child development and child care

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Introduction I need to produce results of an investigation into the development of a child in a care setting. The care setting that I have chosen is a nursery. I was working in nursery for 2 weeks. The investigation is about the child that I have chosen and I gave her a nick name of S in my assignment. I consider the child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. I wrote about a summary of the identified influences on the development of the child, a description of the care services that are been provided to the child, information of the development of the child and information on the relevant legal requirements for the child. I maintained confidentiality throughout my assignment. I got permission from my placement manager and the child's parent before writing any information on the child. The child that I have chosen is four years of age and she is quite capable and independent. She walks almost like an adult, and likes to hop and jump. She asks a lot of questions like about the way things work in the world. Her height is one meter and her weight is 14 kilogram. Gross motor skills: she has developed a good sense of balance and is able to walk along a line. She can stand, walk and run on tiptoe. Also she can catch, kick, throw and bounce a ball. She bends at the waist to pick up objects from the floor and also she runs up and down stairs, one foot per step. Fine motor skills: she can build a tower of ten or more cubes. ...read more.


There was play party games such as musical statues, to foster the ideas of wining, losing and co-operation. There was also French and maths classes available for the children as well. They encouraged the child to play with toys, jigsaw puzzles and board games. They provided art and craft materials for painting and gluing and sticking activities. They encourage sand and water play and they were talk to the child and repeat favourite stories and encourage her to express her self. They went to the library and read books together. In the library the care worker was looking for book s and puzzles that help child to sort objects. The care worker displayed S and other children's painting around the nursery. This gives her a feeling of pride in her world. The health factor that has influence on child's' development would be illness. For example if a child has injury (accidental/non-accidental) or if the child be ill she/ he would miss school for a while and she/he will keep behind. Another health factor that has influence on child's development would be disability. Disability will effect physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the child. Physically the child would have problem if he/she is disabled and he/she couldn't do some of the activities. Intellectually the child would fell behind other children because he/she would have less communication with other people outside and couldn't improve his/her language. Emotionally the child would be sad, unhappy and isolated because he/she is disable and not like other children. Socially the child would have problem to make relationships with people outside because she/he didn't have communication with other people. ...read more.


The Children Act covers all the aspects of childhood, from child protection, through the provision of services to the registration of individuals and groups who care for children. It also protects the child from any significant harm. For example in my placement I wasn't allowed to take children to the toilet because I were working there as a student. Whenever children wanted to go to the toilet a care worker should go with the child. All the care workers were police checked so there wouldn't be any child abuse. In case of any child abuse the manager or the care worker would immediately inform the child's parents. Children need special care and protection because they are vulnerable. It's important to respect cultural values of a child's community. The health and safety Act aim is to ensure there is a safe environment. In my placement the premises was safe, secure and suitable for their purpose. The care workers have the duty to take steps to reduce any risk. The employers were providing equipment to support the health and safety of both staff and the children. For example there were chairs in different sizes for children and adults, so they are comfortable. There was fire exiting doors in the main hall in the case of emergency. They offer access to the necessary facilities for rang of activities, which promotes their development. The care worker promotes equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination for all the children. Adults caring for children in the provision are able to manage a wide range of children's behaviour in a way which promotes their welfare and development. Records, policies which are required to promote the welfare, care and learning of children are main tend. Records about individual children are shared with the child's parent. ...read more.

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