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child development - breast-feeding versus bottle-feeding.

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´╗┐Child Development short task 2 Georgina Butler Introduction In this short task, I am going to produce a magazine article to highlight advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding & bottle and to help new mothers to decide the best way to feed their baby. To produce this I will need to research the advantages and disadvantages. I will also need to find opinions for both methods; I will do this by writing a questionnaire which will provide a number of different opinions. I will research how to set out an article and how to make it appealing to my target audience. I will then evaluate my article and get new mums to read it and give their opinion. Where can I get my information? Leaflets- use to find trusted information about breast and bottle feeding also analyse the way articles are set out. Text books- trusted information giving two points of view use to find out about both points of views. Parenting magazines- use to analyse articles and ideas on how to set my own article out. Formula milk company web sites ? helps understand what?s in the milk and why people choose. Videos ? giving peoples opinions on bottle and breast feeding. Internet- I can use it to find opinions and facts about both methods. Mothers- real experiences, opinions and views. Resources list Internet ? get opinions Magazines ? to see articles and get opinions Computer- to type up coursework and research Printer ? to print article Pen Paper School books to get information Mothers opinion Article examples ...read more.


Run bottle under cold water to cool. Test on inside of your wrist it should be at 37ºc Use the bottle within 2 hours or throw away the milk. Questionnaire 1. How many children do you have? 2. If you have more than one child state how you fed each one below otherwise continue to question 3 Answer all questions about youngest child 3. When you were pregnant how did you want to feed your baby? Bottle Breastfed Bottle and breast combined 4. Were you able to feed your baby in that way? Complete questions 5 – 10 if you breastfed Complete 11 – 17if you bottle fed All answer questions, 19, 20 5. What were the disadvantages of breastfeeding for you? 6. What were the advantages of breastfeeding for you? 7. How long did you breastfeed for? 8. Did you breastfeed for as long as you wanted to? Yes No 9. Why did you stop breastfeeding? 10. Would you recommend breast feeding to new mums? 11. Was bottle feeding your first option for feeding your baby? Yes No 12. Why did you decide to bottle feed? 13. What were the advantages for you? 14. What were the disadvantages for you? 15. If you had another baby would you bottle feed it again? Yes No 16. How long did you bottle feed for? 17. Would you recommend bottle feeding to new mums? 18. People say that babies can get ill or more susceptible to illness if bottle fed did you find this the case? ...read more.


I will use light blues and pinks as they are normally the colours for baby boys and girls. I will use relevant pictures so people can see quickly and easily what my article is about. I will use bold headings so people can see what section is about breast feeding and what section is about bottle feeding and will also set it out in columns. My article will be 3 A4 pages long. The first page will introduce my article and give a quick summary of what my article includes. I will use a bold title and lots of pictures to draw attention and it will inform the reader of what the article is about. My second page will be the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding. It will contain lots of facts about breastfeeding and the advantages and the disadvantages of breast feeding. I will use my research from my questionnaire, websites and school work. Putting this in my article will help the parents make an informed decision because they have all the necessary facts and information. On the last page I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bottle feeding and may include some facts about sterilizing and then conclude my article. I will use my research from my questionnaire, websites (especially the formula and bottle company websites) and school work. Putting this in my article will help parents make an informed decision and they have all the necessary information to decide weather to bottle feed or breast. I will then conclude my article. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

A very good article about the arguments for and against breastfeeding. An excellent introduction was given and key points were made using bullet points.

Structurally, I did wonder whether the planning given towards the end of the work should not have been placed at the start to help improve the 'flow'; but overall a good piece of work. There were a few grammar and punctuation errors - proof-read carefully.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 06/06/2013

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