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Child Development - Child centered study.

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G.C.S.E Technology: Child Development Faiza Parvez Child Centred Study Name of the child: Jinaid Siddique Gender-male/female: Male First contact date: Last summer 2002 Your link with the child: Friend Date of birth: 18.9.2001 Age in years and months: 2 year old and 19 months Siblings (brothers and sisters) ...read more.


What is the child's favourite toy, colour, food etc: train, favourite food rice. Is there access to a garden: there is access to a garden Is there a park near by: there is a park nearby Are there shops close: there is a shop nearby Does the family use child care facilities: creach & playschool Who looks after the child during the day & night: mother look after the child. ...read more.


Are the childcare facilities close: no Is the clinic close: there is a clinic nearby Does the household have a washing machine: there has a washing machine Does the house have transport: yes a car What is the occupation of the parents: father, business-mother, housewife How old are the parents: father 27 yrs old, mother 23 yrs old ...read more.

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