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Child development Child studyTask "Children can develop in many ways, chose an area to investigate".

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Becky Long Child development Child study Task "Children can develop in many ways, chose an area to investigate". I can see from this question that I will need to choose a child to study in one area of development. To choose this area of development I have looked at the child's age and all the things she is doing in that area. There are a number of factors that might affect a child's development these factors could be in the home. Here are some of the home conditions that could affect a child's development: * The place where the child lives * Who looks after the child * Wheather or not the child is loved or wanted * The child's companions * One of the factors could be if the child is encouraged to learn or wheather it is ignored and wheather it is prevented from learning by over protection Another factor could be the culture the child comes from. The cultural life of the family to which a child belongs. ...read more.


Young children show all these emotions and many more. Emotional development of a child's ability to recognise and control their feelings. This is influenced by a child's inborn temperament, their environment and their state of health. The next key point I am going to look at is intellectual development. The intellectual development is of the mind and thinking of the brain. This is the part that is used for recognising, reasoning, knowing and understanding. A child's mind is active from the time they are born. Day by day a child's mind develops as they: * leans about people * leans about new things * leans new skills * leans to communicate * acquires more memories * gains more experience As a child's mind develops they become more intelligent. How intelligent the child becomes depends on two things they are the genes which control how intelligent you are and the environment which the child grows up in. All the way through childhood the genes and environment continually interacted to produce people minds in different ways for example a child's ability to remember things, the artistic or musical skills, languages and mathematics. ...read more.


She is 16 weeks old and she lives with her mother Lisa and father Jim. Ruby - Louise's personality is she is really funny when she tries new things she is also very sociable and determined to do something. Ruby - Louise's interests is other babies that she meets at the play group called Poppings. In the physical development Ruby - Louise can roll over, hold herself up and walk with help. Ruby - Louise is also progressing in the sociable development because she loves other people and other babies and she is a very happy and bubbly baby. In terms of emotional development she has bonded well with both her mother and father. Intellectually she babbles and recognises parents and other relatives of the parents. I have decided to choose the physical development because Ruby - Louise is just learning to do all the physical bits like sit up and roll over. So this is the area of development I decided to do is physical development. I didn't chose intellectual development because she is along way of being able to do most of it like talking and remembering. Here is some possible ways I could get information. ...read more.

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