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Child development factors

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Childrens development is affected through many different factors which include both negative and positive explanations. Positive Gender Both boys and girls are treated the same with the same opportunities, this will promote their cognitive, social and emotional development this mostly happened in education throughout the UK. Social Children with large families tend to become more sociable when they are older this is because they are used to being around others which also builds their confidence this helps to build their cognitive, language and social development this could also help develop their emotional state. ...read more.


The parents can create a more developed life for their child because they can afford more expensive things to help their child's creativity etc. Cultural a child from a family of different cultures or a child from a family that has a keen spot for expressive arts are more likely to promote this child's creativity as well this will result in stimulating their cognitive, social and emotional development. ...read more.


Adult Expectations Adults who have a great success in their life education will expect the same fromt heir child. Agencies working for young children The agencies are supported by the government to help children and their family. The government aim to encourage children to eat more healthily, stay safe and secure, achieve all they want to achieve, be active and have a good economical well being. Health Status When children with learning difficulties or are disabled attend main stream schools it is asked that the other children treat them equally. ...read more.

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