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Child development - Physical development.

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT As physical development proceeds the child aquiers various physical skills. Co-ordination between the brain and muscles develop motor skills. Gross motor skills use large muscles for walking running climbing etc. Fine skills involves precise skills for pointing writing throwing etc. In a new born baby the muscles are undeveloped so they need time to do this. At 3 months a baby learns to control it's head. At 6 months a baby should have complete muscle control in the head. At 9 months a baby can crawl or shuffle, some babies miss this stage and go straight on to walk. At 15 months most babies can walk alone the average age is 13 months At 18 months a child can walk upstairs and feed themselves. 2 years a child can put on shoes begin to draw and build a tower with bricks. 3 years a child can begin to dress themselves. 4 years a child should be able to eat with a spoon and a fork. 5 years a child should complete dressing and undressing without help. All children progress at different stages in their life there are no rules only guidelines for you to follow. ...read more.


If children are read books and given them to look at in increases their knowledge. Looking at books and pictures with adults helps them to understand. Listening to stories encourages them to concentrate and learn. Children learn by copying others. It is essential to have good role models around children. Children will imitate good and bad behavior. They learn to speak by copying others. It is important for children to learn right from wrong. Following good examples from adults is especially important. When a child starts school they have their minds stretched more to take in more information. It is good idea for parents and teachers in schools and pre- schools to work together. As children progress through school their knowledge grows, and the skills they learn expand. Children copy their peers and teachers. LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Speech is an important means of communication. Before babies learn to talk they communicate by. Using their eyes Cry scream Expression Using hands Babies sometimes become very angry before they can talk because they get frustrated. This usually disappears when they can talk, so a child can learn to talk they need to hear others talk. They listen as babies and are very aware of voices. ...read more.


It is not good to smother children as this can affect their social skills and they become introvert. There are many ways children show distress when they do not under stand what is happening. Jealousy Temper tantrums Nightmares Aggression Bed-wetting Refusal to speak If parents discuss the stressful event to the child in simple terms and in a way they can understand the stress can be reduced. VISION AND HEARING DEVELOPMENT When a baby is born they have some ability to see. In the mothers womb they can hear some sounds at about 5 months into the pregnancy. A newborn baby is only aware of light and darkness and movement. They can be startled by sudden sounds like loud noises. They blink or open their eyes. At 3 months a baby has greater focusing range. They gain more control over their eyes A baby soon responds to its mothers voice when he cannot see her. At 1 year a baby can focus on objects, which are a long way a way and can recognize people. They respond to their own name and familiar words. It is important when talking to children that you go to their level and make good eye contact. Childr4 have regular vision and hearing tests through their early years so any problems can be picked up at an early age and dealt with. ...read more.

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