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Child development visit 2

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Visit 2.. Name; Annabelle Age; 2 Years 10 Months Date of visit; 21st September 2008 Time of visit; 1:00 'til 2:15 Place; Annabelle's house People present; Annabelle's Mum Jen, Herself and Me Aims and planning; In this visit I aim to watch Annabelle manipulating play-dough using gross and fine motor skills. Also, I hope to see her make recognisable shapes with it. Another thing I hope to see during this visit is her commenting on what the shapes and colours of the play-dough are. ...read more.


FAR Aims and Planning; FAR Expectations; Observations; When we got to Annabelle's house she was already at the door to greet me. When she recognised me she started jumping around in excitement and shouting 'Jodie, Jodie'. Then when I came into her house she called me into the kitchen to get a big red box-- containing all of her toys for my visits-- off of the fridge. After I got it we took it into the living room and I opened it. ...read more.


So while I was putting the contents of the red box, back into the red box, she was trying to open the play-dough, but she found the plastic wrapping too hard to open and eventually passed the box to me 'Open pease'. So I opened the box and poured the contents of it onto the play-dough. Annabelle's face lit up at the play-dough as she has never played with it before. She stood there in awe at all of the pretty colours and then I told her to 'squish' one of them, when she did this she laughed hysterically. Evaluation.. Physical; Intellectual; Emotional; Social; FAR Activity/Investigation and Evaluation; ...read more.

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