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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. Experiencing Maturity.

    I feel maturing is a great way to choose the path in where you want to go. How many times have you thought about moving out of your parents house, for them to say "your not old enough". Well my chance came when I was eighteen, and fresh out of high school. I just finished my all star football game and a coach approached me and said "hi I am Bill McConkey how would you like to play football for the Calgary Colts?" Calgary was the rival city about three and a half hours south of Edmonton where I grew up.

    • Word count: 704
  2. With close reference to 'Before you were mine' 'Mother..any distance' and 'On my first Sonne' explain how imagery, structure and language are used to convey these relationships.

    The author gives a different image in each stanza, each containing her mother, as well as others, different in each paragraph. In the first stanza she includes her mother, her mother's friends, and boyfriends. In the second she goes on to describe the mothers red shoes, how they are now relics to her child. In the last stanza it is explained how, even when she was a child, she wanted her mother to be a friend, 'Even then I wanted the bold girl winking in Portobello, somewhere in Scotland, before I was born.' The poem Mother..any distance uses imagery metaphorically.

    • Word count: 857
  3. Discuss Research into the effects of Privation.

    The twins were removed from their family and placed in a children's home with children much younger than themselves. This provided a non-threatening environment in which they were well cared for. The boys started to learn to speak, gained weight and became interested in things around them. After some time in the institution they were fostered by 2 sisters who gave them quality care, love and stimulation. Tests showed that at age 8 their IQ was below normal, but by 14 they showed normal IQ and by 20 they were above average intelligence, had completed apprenticeships and had established good relationships with adults and peers.

    • Word count: 818
  4. Argumentative essay - Women should serve National Service.

    In America, the women soldiers have proven to be as equally efficient and well organised as the men. Participation in National Service trains one to have a stronger character and grooms oneself in physical fitness and social skills. The harsh environment and situations build up one's determination and perseverance in battling against all odds. Moreover, one learns the value of the things that he has and learns to appreciate them. For instance, when camping in the wilderness, wood has to be gathered to build a ire, tents have to be built with poles, canvas, ropes and such.

    • Word count: 472
  5. Compare and contrast Piaget and Vygotsky.

    Stage 2 is called the pre-operational stage and lasts form age 2 to 7. Because the child is still unable use "operations", which are logical mental rules, such as arithmetic and the thought is guided by external appearances, rather than internal consistency than logic, however there are rules used at this age, but the reasoning lacks logic. The child can use symbols (as in language), but their concepts are general (preconceptual). For example "daddy has a blue car - therefore all blue car's are daddy's." Also at this stage there is a willingness to give all things lifelike qualities even though they are inanimate, for example "the moon wants to hide behind the clouds."

    • Word count: 956
  6. From looking at the transcript between Katharine and her mother I have noticed she is in the telegraphic stage. I know this because she is quite comfortably having a conversation with her mother.

    There is not much evidence in the transcript that Katharine can use inflections, but where she does use them, she uses them in the right context and place. Katharine has the ability to use verbs and does this in the right places. The only thing she does do wrong when using verbs is that she sometimes uses them in the wrong tenses. On line 5 Katherine says 'I want to do that, didn't I', instead of 'don't I'. This is because when a child learns one tense she will use that for everything until she learns and understands others.

    • Word count: 623
  7. Kathe Kollwitz created "Mother and Dead Child" in 1905 using the etching technique.

    The woman is leaning into the dead child, also showing that Kathe Kollwitz has captured a significant amount of emotion. The woman is holding the child with the top of its head facing the painter. The woman's face is facing towards downwards, into the child's body, as to make known the powerful sentiment that is being portrayed by the artist. Only the woman's hair and her forehead are visible. She is sitting with her legs positioned flat on the floor, one leg facing parallel to her body, with the heels of her feet facing into her body, particularly to the face.

    • Word count: 978
  8. 'Children generally might benefit in terms of their cognitive development from nursery care, but at the same time might suffer emotional deprivation because they experience separation. 'A personal study into the effects of daycare.

    Also, separation from the primary caregiver at an early age can lead to depression later in life. Although, if a child cannot be with their primary carer, it is important that they receive good quality constant loving care. This can be a concern with nurseries. Robertson and Bowlby (1952) studied young children who were separated from their mother for some time. They came up with a model called the PDD model, which is: 1. Protest 2. Despair 3. Detachment. Bartlett suggests this does not take into individual differences into account.

    • Word count: 820
  9. Rosario Morales, the author of The Day It Happened, tells the story of a woman leaving her abusive husband.

    Today there are many people being abused physically and/or emotionally by their spouse. The Day It Happened is a perfect example of the results and problems that an abusive partner can cause. In this short story, a woman named Josie is abused by her husband Ramon. All of their neighbors in the apartment building are aware of this mistreatment. After becoming pregnant, Josie realizes the danger involved in staying with Ramon.

    • Word count: 341
  10. Investigate the relationship between age and brain speed.

    These problems influence the children as they learn from experience. As a result, the next time a similar problem occurs, they are able to see the solution far quicker that they could have a few years ago. For instance, if a child aged 11 sees a jumbled up word like EBLIEVE (BELIEVE), they may not be able to see the answer as 'believe' is a word that is not very common in the vocabulary of a child that age.

    • Word count: 549
  11. The spectrum of teaching styles.

    below Style Essential characteristics Likely objectives Focus A COMMAND * All decisions made by teacher * Class responds as a group ? Single standard performance ? Safety and discipline ? Motor development B PRACTICE * Most decisions made by teacher * Will still help individuals ?

    • Word count: 372
  12. Why Is Education a Priority For All Children.

    Apart from the knowledge and skills it will learn in the following school years, it also learns to interact with people around it, to learn that there are rules and regulations it has to abide by, it learns what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. How well a child is educated will have an impact on its choice's and options on future career and employment opportunities, which in turn has an effect on it's outlook on life and sense of self worth.

    • Word count: 494
  13. The Sixth Sense

    The film starts with a frightening glimpse of what Cole may become. Renowned child psychologist Dr Malcolm Crowe has a grim reunion with a former patient. An unstable child of yesteryear, Vincent Gray, has grown into a fractured and psychotic adult who wants nothing more than to remind Malcolm of his failure, before killing himself. The reminder takes the form of a bullet in his doctor's stomach. We catch up with the good doctor, played superbly by Bruce Willis, about a year later.

    • Word count: 797
  14. Explain one advantage of using IQ tests.

    The first intelligence tests for school children were devised by Albert Binet and Theodore Simon in France in 1905. Their purpose was to identify children who were below the academic level of their peers so they could be sent to special schools where they would be helped. These tests can be valuable in identifying where children have severe difficulties and also unusual talents. IQ tests cannot be used on very young children and when looking for any major developmental problems in babies from a few weeks old to 2 1/2 years old, the Bailey Scale of Infant Development is commonly used.

    • Word count: 323
  15. His name is Joel.

    That is the effect he has on those around him. Everyone feels peaceful. The animals of any kind that he sees or meets, he is in peace with. I perceive his aura and see that it is a beaming colour of gold. His soul is pure and innocent. A word of harshness has never slipped off his lips, and a thought of cruelty never passed his mind. Kind and beautiful, inside and out. He is a miracle boy. A Wonder Boy.

    • Word count: 580
  16. With reference to two stories of your choice discuss how the authors use imagery and other literary devices to convey their message.

    The essential message of "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" is a young girl's realisation of the adult world, in which she is forced to admit responsibility for a crime she did not commit, just to please the adults around her. In "The Darkness Out There" the central message, is similar, when a girl, Sandra, realises the evil in human nature, as she is exposed to the dark side of a member of the older generation, whom she expected to be "really nice...really sweet".

    • Word count: 721
  17. A New Awareness

    One of the most interesting, but common, fact of child abduction is that the abductor is usually a relative. Nearly half of abducted children are taken by family members. According to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), only a quarter of abductions are actually strangers. So, most of these heart-breaking stories were created by angry family members that are closest to the child. The majority of the time, abductions are the result of unhappy outcomes of custody cases.

    • Word count: 645
  18. Tear Fund Project

    Some Tear Fund workers stay there and look after people that have become too weak and help them until they get better. In this way they are fulfilling their dream of following in the example of Jesus and becoming more like him. Tear Fund is not just people being religious towards God but also caring for people in need and helping them. Jesus said that loving God and loving people can't be separated, and that loving means action. It isn't enough just to feel; you have to act on that good feeling.

    • Word count: 837
  19. School Policy On Bullying Speech

    This may sound odd, but have you, a teacher ever been bullied by a pupil? So many teachers are being abused but they don't report it or ignore it- I am here to persuade you to deal with this. It isn't your fault- it's only ever the bully's fault. It is important that you understand why the bullying is in process. Do you know why the child is doing the bullying? There are all sorts of reasons why children bully- the main reason being in power. Some bullies may have been bullied themselves and deal with their own fears by distressing others.

    • Word count: 858
  20. 'To what extent do research studies support the view that maternal deprivation can have long term effects on individuals?'

    Early attachments by the primary caregiver are important in the child's latter life. This is supported by a study carried out in 1944 by Bowlby. The participants were patients of the child guidance clinic, half of which were referred to the clinic for stealing, whilst the other half because they were emotionally maladjusted. Some of the 'thieves' were diagnosed as 'affectionless psychopaths'; none of the emotionally maladjusted were. The results from this study are significant, 86% of those diagnosed as 'affectionless psychopaths' had experienced early and prolonged separations from their mothers, whereas very few of the non-psychopathic thieves had experienced such separations.

    • Word count: 433
  21. Does everyone have the right to have children?

    Infertility is a medical condition and to many it is a devastating fact portrayed through mental and social aspects of life, people sometimes forget that they should try to treat infertility instead of looking for other options which lead to obtaining a child. Fewer British people receive fertility treatments in comparison to any other European country; this is according to the latest statistics. Only a tiny proportion of such procedures are paid for by the NHS, with the result that they are prohibitively expensive for many.

    • Word count: 650
  22. A Parental Ode To My Son Aged three years and five months

    The poem starts off by saying "Thou happy elf!". At this stage in the poem the father is in love with the child and calls him a happy elf. An elf is slightly mischievous and perhaps the father knows that the boy is as well. "Thou merry, laughing sprite!" again shows that the father is proud and delighted with his son. In the second stanza the father completely changes his mood and becomes cross and angry with his son.

    • Word count: 452
  23. Breast Feeding Why is breast milk best

    Breast feeding can save families as much as $100 per month in formula costs. Breast feeding can save families even more money by reducing medical costs for healthier mothers and healthier babies. Experts also agree that breast feeding holds many other benefits for both the mother and infant. It's true. Bottled milk does offer some advantages, such as extra sleep and more freedom to go out. However, the psychological benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh the psychological benefits of bottle feeding.

    • Word count: 660
  24. "Day Care jeopardizes the development of children". Use your text books for arguments for and against!

    In other words, they have developed relationship skills and a certain level of independence. A large body of research, mainly from the USA, has been concerned with how day care affects children's social development. To some extent the findings are contradictory. Some studies indicate that day care has positive effects on social development. Children who appear to be more independent and self-sufficient, they cope better with new situations, they are more popular with their peers (children of the same age), they are more cooperative and helpful both with other children and the parents.

    • Word count: 576
  25. There has been an on-going debate about the relationship between the ideas of Vygotsky and Piaget for many years. A comparison of learning theories will be made between these two psychologists.

    "Vygotsky was aware of Piaget's work but unlike Piaget, he believed that the social environment was just as important in the child's cognitive as biological maturation. Modern research shows that Piaget seems to have seriously underestimated social influences in this area". (N.Hayes and S.Orrell , 1998) J.B.Watson (1913) believed that "thought is language" whereas Piaget was saying the opposite to this, he believed "language is thought". For Piaget it is thinking which is the most important and the child only develops language because it is a useful tool of thought.

    • Word count: 743

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