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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. Cache Diploma in Child Care and EducationEvaluationMy observation took place during the PE lesson. The hall was set up with four mats and four benches

    He also showed good flexibility as he was able to touch his toes keeping his legs straight. He also showed he could meet the other norms listed for a child of his age with the exception of skipping and hopping. Tassoni states that, " Balance is required for children to carry out any task in which their weight shifts from one foot to another" (Tassonni,2004.P.5) As B showed good balancing skills both on the floor and the beam he has a good foundation for learning to skip and hop. This links to Arnold Gessells theory, the principles of his work suggested that physical development follows a definite sequence.

    • Word count: 841
  2. Substance Use During Pregnancy

    Pregnant women should be concerned with how and what kind of vitamins they take to allow for the healthiest baby, not the decision of what alcoholic drink to consume. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, so does her baby; through the blood vessels in the placenta, the mother's blood supplies the developing baby with nourishment and oxygen. A woman who conceived a child is responsible for another human being. An alcoholic pregnant woman is priming the child to drink, and the child is just a fetus.

    • Word count: 2726
  3. Having studied the photo in Barnardo's advertisement, it clearly illustrates a child about to jump off the top of a building, because life isn't worth holding onto anymore.

    In order to raise this financial aid in the first place, Barnardo's very cleverly creates advertisements such as this which all have an underlying message. This one in particular has a little caption next to the child on the edge of the building saying 'Martin Ward/Age 29'. This will come as a big shock to the public having looked at this photo as it uncovers the veil between their lifestyle and how bad other people's domestic problems can be.

    • Word count: 539
  4. DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDRENAssessmentOutcome 1 The areas for development of a child are broken down into four different categories, these are listed

    This acceleration and deceleration of growth occurs at different ages for boys and girls, with girls tending to start and finish the process earlier than boys. Child psychologist Jean Piaget was a believer in the theory that children are not mini adults as they have not yet developed sufficiently in a physical sense, there bodies are still growing and don't have the same strength as an adult, for example bones have not fully formed and these bones don't contain enough glycogen in the muscles for lifting heavy weights.

    • Word count: 917
  5. My Dear Child, I don't know what day it is, month, or the year. I don't even know what sex you are. As I sit here writing this, I don't know anything

    You're not just living for yourself anymore. Giving is also a must, because you will now be giving everything you've worked for your whole life to a stranger. Not just giving yourself, which you will, your time, your energy, everything you hold close, but also your money, home, life, everything you possess. As for the curious mix of flexibility and firmness, there are times when everything you planned in perfect detail, goes straight to poo. You have to be able to be flexible and roll with the punches, because there are going to be millions of them.

    • Word count: 1530
  6. Citizenship Coursework-Child Abuse Essay

    All the different types of abuse have harmful affects on the victims. Although there are many services preventing child abuse it still continues to happen every day. There are many organisations that try to prevent child abuse such as child line and social services. They have numbers and services available to victims so it can be stopped and dealt with. If child abuse has happened before in certain households they will be tracked by child protective service agencies which will look out for abuse and neglect in the home. Child line is the main organisation available to children and they have recently teamed up with the NSPCC organisation.

    • Word count: 681
  7. Practical Life Exercises And Why They Are Attractive To Children

    What kind of things give him pleasure and what things make him feel disturbed. She realized that a child from the age of 0-6 years has a very pure mind and takes in whatever he learns from his environment. At this stage it is the teacher's responsibility to assist the child by giving him the right environment. Practical Life Exercises (PLE) play a very crucial role in achieving the goal of the teacher. But before we understand PLE we must understand the following terms. "Spiritual Embryo", "Absorbent Mind" and "Sensitive Periods" "Animals have merely to awaken their instincts towards their specified behavior and their psychic life is limited to this.

    • Word count: 2366
  8. Demonstrate the recent development of personal skills relevant to the professional roles of the teacher.

    Terms of Reference This report is intended to satisfy the requirements of an assignment that has been set as part of an In-Service PGCE in Education. The report will discuss the development of e-learning and tutorial skills and will include: * A diagnosis of the needs and rationale for each area of personal development selected. * The learning outcomes achieved in each skill area. * Evidence of the work undertaken in each of the selected areas. * A critical report evaluating the work undertaken.

    • Word count: 2921
  9. This is my Autobiography, this is all about my life, My family, My friends, My best memories and My worst memories. The thing that I like, the things I don't like. My Hobbies, my ambition .

    My ambition is to be a Doctor, because I'm interesting in know about new things in my life and I want to help my country peoples. I'm good at Netball, Badminton and Art. I'm not very good at English. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science, Art, Geography and German. I hate English more then other subjects, because I'm always forgot every thing they teach me, when they ask me in the class, I can't speak so,my teacher hit me or shout at me in srilanka, and I'm not good at grammar as well.

    • Word count: 2254
  10. Observe an individual child and see what stage they are at in their emotional and social development.

    In this observation, I found Maria to be very enthusiastic in wanting to win and her determination paid off; she did win! What I found very amusing was that she followed the rules of the game and even explained the rules to me before starting the game. She even reminded me it was my turn when I got distracted and began to join another conversation; "it's your turn now." Maria's winning the game motivated her to want to play again, but as I was running short of time, I apologised and told her that we would definitely play on another one of my visits.

    • Word count: 4918
  11. Discuss how important you think each of the following factors may be in helping children learn to read and write

    For example teachers use repetition of the letter sounds and arm movements to help children spell out words. The use of repetition would make it easier for the child to remember the sounds, for example if the teacher were to repeat the sound of the letter "a", the children would repeat this and would have it locked in their memories, which in turn would make it easier for them to read or write the letters or words. Also the use of sounds and actions is a lot more stimulating for the children as they are being asked to become involved instead of sitting quietly and writing.

    • Word count: 679
  12. On My First Sonne & Refugee Mother and Child Question: By exploring the language used, explain how the two poets studied express their feelings about the death of a child.

    What others would interpret from the line-"Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy;" is that a father is bidding farewell to his most loved one and his heir. Again in line 2, when the poet says "My sinne was too much hope of thee, lov'd boy", the poem suggests that Ben had taken his son much for granted as if now he possessed him and so loved him too much. It is ironical as he is comparing the love towards his son as a sin.

    • Word count: 1836
  13. Barnardos advertising campaign of 1999-2000 had used many disturbing advertisements to raise funds for its charity campaign, one of the most shocking and remember able advertisements

    The noun "child" makes you think of innocence and not knowing right from wrong. Also, it makes you think that the child is defenseless and in need of help. "It was always possible that John would turn to drugs" There was always a possibility but it was never definite that John would turn to drugs, this is what Barnardos are trying to put across, that if someone had intervened, John wouldn't have felt the need to turn to drugs. "With barnardos help" This shows barnardos want to help and can help.

    • Word count: 603
  14. Discuss how important you think each of the following factors may be in helping children learn their native tongue

    It has been said that in their development of language, children begin to make sounds or say words by imitating what they hear. This is often by trying to say what their parents say, including pronunciation of the words and sounds, which also plays a part in a child's acquisition of phonology. This is an important factor in a child's learning to speak because through this the children could learn to make their first sounds, and also learn the relationships between words and objects.

    • Word count: 623
  15. Discipline in childhood Children require freedom to grow and to learn, but they will not thrive on unlimited freedom. The

    * Your child needs your LOVE more than anything else. * You should use discipline to teach your child. * You should not discipline your child before he or she is old enough to understand the reason for the punishment. * You should not punish your child for behavior that is part of normal development, such as thumb sucking, speech development, or accidents that occur during toilet training. * You should not punish your child for anything that is accidental.

    • Word count: 863
  16. We are not born with phobias - a phobia is learnt because it has become associated with an object or an experience that is unpleasant. According to the behaviourist, a phobia has to be learnt

    If this response then occurs with other similar objects, then the conditioning has become generalised. Operant conditioning is where we learn from the consequences of our actions. If we do something that brings a pleasant result then we are more likely to repeat that action. This is reinforcement. There are two kinds of reinforcement - positive and negative. Positive reinforcement is when something we don't like occurs and we are comforted. E.g. a parent comforts a frightened child. If the level of comfort begins to drop then the child will make more fuss to get the comfort.

    • Word count: 924
  17. The care that is needed for babies 0-1year olds is: Regular feeding for growth and development Nappy changing to keep them clean and comfortable Stimulation to help them develop intellectually

    * Dressing by starting to try and teach them how to dress themselves apart from their shoes. The care that is needed for 3-5 year old is: * Eating with other people * They should be asking when they need to go to the toilet * Start to learn social skills by talking to people more and playing with other children * Affection to other people by starting to show them affection * Sleeping by having afternoon naps to help them with their energy levels * Hygiene to help encourage to wash their hands after being to the toilet and

    • Word count: 2445
  18. Social- Adulthhod During early adulthood the social calender tends to be bursting with social developments

    As life expectancy is increasing it is normal to have one parent (usually mother) still living yet it is not uncommon to have to deal with the death of at least one parent which is emotionally unbalancing. Greif is, emotionally, one of the hardest life evnts to deal with. It can take people years to get over the death of a loved one and some people never recover and can't laearn to deal with the huge sense of emptiness and loneliness the death of a loved one can leave. Towards the end of adulthood you have to deal with the feelings that your children no longer need you, which can be particulary hard when

    • Word count: 1532
  19. My brother is the most influential person in my life

    When they found that I would laugh at these jokes as much as they did, I was accepted into that group of friends. My brother would always take me along when he went to a friend's house, or when his friends came over to our house I would get to hang out with all of the older guys. This could be seen as a good or a bad thing.

    • Word count: 572
  20. Describe and discuss the major theories of physical, social and emotional development of children form three to eight years.

    The knowledge is acquired by doing rather than being given information. Piaget described development as going through different mental processes. He believed that all children pass through the stages but environmental influences on children will vary the ages each stage is reached. A child who is given more learning opportunities will develop faster by progressing through the stages at a faster rate. Therefore play and children activites facilitated by an adult increase the rate of development. Check The stages of development according to Piaget were, maturation and adaptation these being the natural biological maturity over which environment has no control and a child adapting its behaviours/actions to its own environment.

    • Word count: 1072
  21. Lifespan Development Report on physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Ages 0-8 years

    (Stoppard, 1990) Not only is their sight developing, but also their hearing. The bay will be startled by a sudden loud noise, e.g. a door slamming and blinks or open its eyes widely. At 3 months, the baby is starting to control its head. The baby still has to be supported when in a sitting position but the back is much straighter. Although the head is rather wobbly, they can hold it for a short while. When the baby is held in the standing position, the legs are beginning to be strong enough to take a little weight, though they tend to sag at the knee and hip.

    • Word count: 2730
  22. Analyse and explain the work of one Christian agency working for world development

    It is committed to the poor and to working with the poor towards fullness of life. In 2003 its total income was �42,223 of which � 23,941 was from voluntary sources and � 7,518 came from government grants. World Vision runs both long term programmes (area development programmes) and emergency programmes. Area development programmes (ADPs) cover large areas which involve several villages and communities. These projects last up to 15 years. The funding for ADPs mainly comes from child sponsorship which enables World Vision to help the whole community.

    • Word count: 502
  23. For my child development study I am going to observe how a child shows their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and skills. I will observe this child over a year and record their improvement of these skills.

    When she said lions she squatted her legs and shouted raahhhh very loudly. Hilary was very lively, when I asked her what nursery rhymes she new she started to jump around energetically while she sung them. She sang 'Humpty Dumpty', 'Ring of Roses' and another song that her grandmother had taught her from Nigeria. However when I asked her to do a small activity which involved small muscles she became quite and relaxed. From both these activities that I asked her to do, It showed that she has two ways in which she can behave; a calm way when involving fine motor skills and energetic way when involving gross motor skills.

    • Word count: 8576
  24. Safety when doing messy and creative activities

    but are not to sharp so as to hurt the young child * If using sand or glitter, which are very small pieces of material, make sure the child does not get it into their eyes, mouth or ears * Make sure that the child does not drink the water that the

    • Word count: 331
  25. The House of Lords said the Borstal authorities owed a duty of care to the owners of the property near the camp

    of damage to the other yacht ought to have been foreseen as likely to occur if the borstal officers failed to exercise proper control or supervision, meaning that the officers owed a duty of care to the respondents. Another case which shows how one party owed duty of care was in Jolley v Sutton LBC (1998). In this case Defendant, the owners of land where an old boat had been abandoned for about two years.

    • Word count: 539

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