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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Outline of speech on: Child Abuse Child abuse is the physical or psychological mistreatment of a child by his or her parents (including adoptive parents), guardians

    3 star(s)

    -- Washington Post, May 5, 1977. This is good information to you that already have kids, or for people that plan on having kids. If you know that you do not have patience for children, then please do not have any until you are ready. Without time and patience for children, you may feel or already have an urge to mistreat and abuse your kids. There are many reasons why parents abuse their children, but it does not make it right. Today I am going to talk to you about child abuse and the some of the causes of it.

    • Word count: 890
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Cach L2 unit 5. Professional Attributes - A non- judgemental approach to practice Time keeping Attendance Attitude to work Awareness of childrens development

    Attitude to work- it is good to show good attitude towards your work because you wouldn?t want to seem like you are not bothered with the work, you have to look enthusiastic. You always need to have a positive attitude when working with children so that the children know that you are willing to play with them. This shows your co-workers that you are interested and willing to work with the children. Awareness of children?s development- Child development refers to the changes that occur as a child grows and develops in relation to being physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally sound, socially competent and ready to learn.

    • Word count: 1536
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Childhood Obesity-A Rising Issue GCSE Health and Social Care

    It is un-preventable. If it going to happen, there is virtually nothing you can do to prevent it. Even though, a person can appear to look fit, they still can have Type 2 diabetes. 3 in 8 people are considered to be malnourished, however 40% of those people are self- conscious on their personal appearance. However Type 1 diabetes, which was extremely uncommon a few decades ago, is now a popular ever growing thing. Type 2 diabetes reduces your body's ability to control blood sugar.

    • Word count: 774
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Development Through the Lifestages Physical, Intellectual, Emotion and Social Development of Pregnancy and 0-3 years old Baby

    Second Trimester � At 15 weeks, your baby can make facial expressions and may even suck her/his thumb. � By 17 weeks, an ultrasound should be able to show you the sex of your baby. � By 19 weeks, your baby will be able to hear your voice if you read her a story or sing a song. � Your baby will measure a little over a foot in length and will weigh more than one pound by end of the second trimester. Third Trimester � During the first six weeks of the third trimester, your babies will more than double in size, growing from approximately 1.5 to 3.5 pounds.

    • Word count: 1298
  5. Settings in which children's play takes place.

    Youth clubs are normally aimed for children in comprehensive school. It is a place where they can spend time with their friends. Many youth clubs will have lots of different types of games to play. It could be physical games like pool, netball or even football. There are any more physical games youth clubs tend to use. A youth club is places were children from the ages of 11-16 are able to learn new skills. Children are able to develop their social skills and interact with children from different ages and find that the older children help the younger children when different activities.

    • Word count: 3329
  6. Risk and childrens play and learning.

    There could be many ways of climbing the frame for example a rope, ladder or even stairs. The safest route the child could take is the stairs. However, if the child uses the rope it is more risky and provides a higher challenge for them to take. The resources needed for this challenge would be the climbing frame itself and the three different ways of climbing the frame. By having three different ways of climbing the climbing frame the child has the opportunity to make the choice of what route to take.

    • Word count: 424
  7. Should Pupils Recieve Sex Education?

    * Appropriate sex education in schools has a great impact on preventing sexual problems in adulthood. Also, it teaches students on what is right and what is wrong. Through sex education, young people are able to communicate, listen, negotiate with others, ask for and identify sources of help and advice when it comes to sexual relationships. With children getting pregnant and the STDs we have in our world today, we cannot continue to rely on parents to talk to their kids about sex.

    • Word count: 1350
  8. Decscribe how communication can be used to promote self esteem

    Throughout verbal praising things such as, "great stuff", "thank you for doing that so well", "you're a star", "I'm really impressed" and things along them line are said to children to give them confidence which promotes happiness throughout the child. Also when praise is given to children from the practitioners this builds a secure and safe relationship together and unsettled children begin to enjoy and have fun within their settings.

    • Word count: 598
  9. I believe that I have been a positive role model for children in my placement as I always use my manners and I am polite towards the staff, parents/carers and children that bring them into the nursery.

    Vygotsky's theory led him to the conclusion that children learn from adults and other children around them. This proves that the children are learning from me being a positive role model, the children will be more likely to act this way when they are older. Tidying up in the nursery shows the children that I am willing to work and that I am happy while doing it. This sets a good example and shows the children that they can follow this, so that they can be good at helping tidy up where they've been playing.

    • Word count: 516
  10. Developments through the human lifespan

    Also they begin to gain communication skills. Development is an on-going process. Emotional- Babies at this age are not unable to communicate so show their emotion by crying or laughter and may use some facial expressions to show how they feel about what's going on around them. As they get older say around two years old they show their emotion by having tantrums. When they reach three they begin to care about the people around them and tend to share toys with them and play with them.

    • Word count: 1089
  11. Child Development I expect to see when taking a 3 year old shopping.

    I think Faseeha will use her fine motor skills really well during this activity. I think Faseeha will be able to hold one or two bags in an adultery fashion. When Faseeha picks a toy that she likes I am going to give her the money to give to the shop keeper, When Faseeha is giving the money I think she will use a good pincer grasp to give it to the shop keeper. I think Faseeha will know be able to use a good palmer grasp, a good tripod grasp and a good pincer grasp.

    • Word count: 1086
  12. Types of Childcare - Nurseries, Childminders, Playgroups and Mother and toddler groups

    There must be a place where babies can sleep and activities for the older children such as singing and dancing and other toys they can play on their own with such as play dough, dolls and toy phones and playhouses. Nursery schools A pre - school group is a child care facility for young children connected to a primary school they provide safe care and activities for children between the ages of 3 - 5 years but they make take children from 2 years.

    • Word count: 1185
  13. Development of a 7 year old child.

    Jared is a 7 year old boy living in North London. He attends the local catholic primary school situated in a secluded leafy area. His mother is a Housekeeper and his father a successful property developer. Jared's school report has shown that he is not making much progress and his parents have become greatly concerned about their son's academic slow-down. However, the school has also informed that Jared has become extremely chatty with his classmates; his parents are hoping that this is the reason why he is losing out in class, because it will be easier for them to solve as opposed to their son having some sort of a behavioural or medical condition.

    • Word count: 738
  14. Genetic assignment

    It is uncommon and rarely seen in children, but there are some early signs of development. For example, children who used to enjoy relationships with others may start to become more shy or withdrawn and seem to be in his or her own world. They may also start to cling to parents or talk about strange fears and ideas that do not make sense. Schizophrenia's inheritance is multifactoral; It is usually the result from a complex interaction between genetics and heredity, chemistry, and environmental factors. The disorder has a strong hereditary component. Individuals with a schizophrenic relative (parent or sibling)

    • Word count: 616
  15. Child development

    How I am going to research? I am doing this research to find out as much as possible about antenatal care and how it can be incorporated into the information pack. The primary research will be done to find out opinions of women by getting them to fill in questionnaires, surveys and interviews. The secondary research will be done so that I can find out about the basics of antenatal care, the different types of testes done during the antenatal care visits and testes that care be offered.

    • Word count: 5089
  16. Intellectual development

    Give the baby something to feel, something with a texture, they would play with it. Babies explore things with their mouth. Such as, if the mother gives the baby something to play with they will straightaway put it in their mouth to explore it. New born: startles by loud, sudden noices. One month: respondes to soothing voices if upset Three months: recognise main carer's voice before being touched. Turns to sounds that they recognise e.g bath times. Six months: respondes to his own name and different tones in carer's voice.

    • Word count: 1167
  17. Professional development

    Family During the past few years the knowledge and skills I have gained, has benefited my family in terms of increasing their knowledge particularly health and well-being. Furthermore it helped them to develop skills for day to day living. One example would be nutrition, over the past year I have develop knowledge on this particular subject as I was studying it as a topic. I used this knowledge to inform my family members about healthy lifestyle and dietitian requirements. Since my mum most of the cooking in the house, I educated her about calories intake on food and furthermore much is allowed for each individuals according to their age, weight and height.

    • Word count: 914
  18. Effective Communcation

    On the other hand communication is not just used for passing on information it can also be used for help reassurance people for example if someone spoke in calm tone of voice it could make someone feel more relaxed but using a loud tone of voice can make some fell angry or upset so in a care home for the elderly the carer will have to use a reassuring tone of voice and place their hand on their shoulder to help re insure them if one of the service user are feeling distressed.

    • Word count: 1154
  19. visit 2

    Max starts to laugh and Becky says "has grumpy max gone?" and max says "yes" amongst chuckles. Max has grown more and he talks much more quickly. He is three now and seems to have grown into a little boy. Becky tells us lunch is ready and max will not eat his pasta and starts screaming "I don't like sauce" Becky tells him not to be silly and tells him to eat 3 pieces. Max can use a knife and fork which according to Brennand is on cue with development.

    • Word count: 593
  20. Developing effective communications

    Elderly people and people with disabilities can feel depressed and isolated. In order to prevent a depressed mood state that results from communication difficulties the results from communication difficulties the staff of a skilled nursing facility should demonstrate patience and provide the elderly residents with alternative methods of communication when possible. Difficult, complex and sensitive issues that occur within health and social care residential accommodation; Communication difficulties related to dementia and stroke can result in Major comprehension difficulties are generally related to other, more serious, health problems.

    • Word count: 885
  21. Indivduals

    in a country. Before making or converting any proposal into law it must follow certain procedure which is designed in the Legislation Process and this process may vary from country to country.

    • Word count: 1000
  22. Choose THREE (3) activities which support: Creative play Physical play Investigative play

    The purpose for this activity is to help children to ride on a bike without pedals and then as they build on with they confidence the to try to ride on a bike with out pedals, awareness of speed, pedaling up hill and down hill experiencing the difference. This activity will help children develop in all the areas of development, which are the P.I.L.E.S. The activity-watching frogspawn is suitable for children aged 5 years, this activity will help the children to learn on growth and how living things develop and change this will help them to discover and develop skills in questioning and reasoning which will help them to lead towards scientific discovery.

    • Word count: 1512
  23. Nursery Equipment research

    The catch needs to be too difficult to be undone by the baby or a young brother or sister. * Cot bumper This is a foam-padded screen which fits around the sides of a cot. It protects the baby from draughts, and from knocking it's head on the sides. Alternatively, a blanket can be pinned firmly round one or more sides. Safety features: * Cot bumpers are not recommended for children who can sit unaided in case they become entangled in the ribbons * Carry-cot A carry cot makes a suitable first bed. It is useful for the first 6 months until the baby becomes too big and active to be left in it safely.

    • Word count: 1603
  24. Ways in which the individual can be motivated and supported to maintain or improve their health and well-being

    These will allow nicotine to enter the blood stream, without the other carcinogens and toxins. Long Term: To quit smoking If My Client carries on smoking at the rate she is, she is reducing her fertility rate and risks during pregnancy. Some of the more damaging effects that my client may experience are Lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, heart attack, damaged circulation, gangrene and amputation. The social aspect of her health are also at risk as people now know the effects of "second hand smoking", will isolate her, as she will be polluting the air with carcinogens, so therefore people will be scared they are at risk to getting cancer.

    • Word count: 3360
  25. Signs of pregnancy and possible complications.

    The usual reason is that there is something wrong with the baby's development. Ectopic pregnancy An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg dose not becomes implanted in the uterus wall but in a fallopian tube or elsewhere in the abdomen. An operation is needed to remove the embryo and repair the damage.

    • Word count: 364

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