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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. The Lost Boy By David Pelzer

    Through years of being beaten and tortured David becomes more aware of how his mother's psychotic mind and tactics work. For David to be alive today he had to be very courageous and strong willed. David has dark ash blonde scruffy hair but has other things on his mind than brushing it! His clothes are quite small since they were a Christmas present a few years before from his auntie. There are a few holes in his trousers and t-shirts but as long as he has clothes to wear he doesn't care.

    • Word count: 1542
  2. Life During Child Labor

    As a working child there were two types of jobs in a factory they could have. A child could either be a scavenger or a piecer. A scavenger's job was to collect the loose cotton that fell under the machines. This was a very dangerous job because a scavenger was supposed to get the cotton while the machine would still be working. They would often lie flat on the ground so they would not get run over or caught by the machines. Robert Blincoe was a scavenger during the 1800s, "Apparently, nothing could be easier... although he was much terrified by the whirling motion and noise of the machinery.

    • Word count: 1273
  3. Dear Mr Lee

    Now I must point out the immediate and overwhelming irony to this whole essay. The poem, "Dear Mr Lee", is centered on implicating that at school you are forced to study literature, against your will, yet what am I doing now? I have been set a task, based on a set of poems, to which after extensive study, I must complete a piece of work. The very thing the poem is dejecting. However, in this particular poem is there is one book that the child, does find studying really enjoyable.

    • Word count: 2374
  4. Border Crossing

    After serving his sentence, he was released and he then changed his identity. Yes I quite liked the book, I think has a deep meaning to it. It was also very challenging, in that you had to really involve your self in the story and the characters to understand it clearly. No I would not have chosen to read it voluntarily because this books needs to be read on a one to one basis and only the reader can understand what they are reading and interpret it in their own way.

    • Word count: 331
  5. Is there a correlation between full time caregiving for grandchildren and the life satisfaction of grandparents?

    With a better understanding of what motivates grandparents to be involved into active caregiving roles in their grandchildren's lives. (King & Elder 1997a, 1997b) Grandparenting is a relatively neglected area since there are not many literatures and researches out there that recognizes the influence that grandparenting can have on the grandparent-grandchildren relationship. Over the past few decades, grandparents have become the primary caregivers for their grandchildren at an unprecedented rate. (Brown-Standridge, M. D., & Floyd, C. W., 2000) In 1997, U.S.

    • Word count: 2653
  6. Is human cognitive development best explained in terms of continuous or discontinuous change?

    The baby's intelligence is essentially practical, i.e. its interactions with the environment consist of overt actions, either sensory (seeing, hearing etc) or motor (grasping, puling etc.) Lack of object permanence characterises this stage. Pre-Operational Stage (two to seven years.) The child tends to be influenced by how things look, rather than by logical principles or operations. A predominant features of the pre-operational child is a profound sense of egocentrism. Concrete Operational Stage (seven to eleven years.) In this stage children develop the structures to perform actions mentally (in the presence of actual objects.)

    • Word count: 1375
  7. What evidence is there that attachment is a two way process?

    One exception to this, however, is imprinting in animals where the baby animal attaches to the first animal it sees and there is little that can change this response. The bonding occurs during a critical period normally before 18 months to 2 years old. However the bonding starts at a very early age. Even before the child is born it starts to recognise it mother's voice though the womb and begins to attach to it. There is a pre-wired -or innate- programme which means babies will automatically attach to those who care for them.

    • Word count: 651
  8. The following is the terrifying pre-Roe story of a woman named Sherry Matulis

    I was pregnant. And I was not pregnant by my husband. I was pregnant by that fiend. And I could not stay that way. My doctor would not help me, so I feigned migraine to get a prescription for ergotrane... I went on a two-day castor-oil diet and lost five pounds and a quart of hemorrhoidal blood, and nothing else... I detested the taste of alcohol, but I held by nose and downed two pints of Everclear... My husband was ready to stick me in a straightjacket. He wanted me to go through with the pregnancy - or rather, he wanted me not to kill myself, or to be killed by the only sort of abortionist that was available at the time...

    • Word count: 867
  9. Background information on Leonard Cheshire and The Leonard Cheshire Organisation.

    It would be helpful, said the matron, if I could come to see her." "I might have been excused for being slow on the uptake, for quite apart from the general worry and confusion of the situation in which I found myself, I had known the man not as 'Dykes' but simply as Arthur, and I had not really known him very well at that. I put on the best face I could, however, and agreed to call at the following morning".

    • Word count: 3175
  10. Socialisation in children

    She was starved of conversation and contact with other people until the age of eleven. When she actually did get the contact that was needed at an early age it was far too late and she had major trouble adapting, only managing to pick up basic language and not generally using what she had learnt, only coming out with the odd word, and being very anti-social. Then in theory a child with a wide range of stimulation should develop good social and lingual skills. Imagination is a huge way of learning social and language skills for a child.

    • Word count: 774
  11. How do Vernon Scannell and U. A. Fanthorpe communicate the sense of being a child in their poems ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Half-past Two’? How do the experiences of the child in each poem compare?

    In contrast to this, 'Hide and Seek' begins with: "Call out. Call loud: ' I'm ready! Come and find me!'" This quote coincides with the title and is justification that the children are playing the game of hide and seek. We relate hide and seek as being a child's game so subsequently the poet has successfully established the sense of being a child from just the title of the poem. The use of exclamation marks indicates his childish excitement in a way a reader may be able to empathise with.

    • Word count: 1136
  12. Elizabeth Gaskell

    A reader desiring a complete run-down of the story so far would be amply provided for in the opening passages of both, 'The Old Nurse's Story' more so than Mr Westall's piece. This is intended to build a scene; the stereotypically babbling old woman recounting the only interesting event of her long life. The details incorporated in the outset of The Call are far more important in gaining an understanding into how the plot is going to develop. We receive a detailed overview of the Samaritans hierarchy and their 'dark haired ghost' Harry Lancaster, who's unerring dedication to the Samaritans movement was as pure as the aims of the organisation itself.

    • Word count: 3355
  13. Child abuse is a major social problem that has been around since time began. Discuss.

    (Ryan 499) Child abuse is a general term that covers four categories. It covers a wide range of parent behavior that causes harm to children of all ages. Four major categories of abuse are neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. The kind of abuse is different with different ages. Hondl 2 Neglect is the most common form of child abuse according to "The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect." Neglect is defined by the NCCAN as "the failure to provide adequate food, clothing, healthcare, or safety."

    • Word count: 1650
  14. The Lost Boy

    The book made me feel very furious, and at the same time, I felt distraught. At times I wished that I could go into the book, and make everything right. A Child Called It was truly an amazing book, and I would recommend it to those who can handle its intensity. After reading this manuscript, I'm more aware of the brutality of child abuse. If I could, I would do something to stop it, but that would probably just be a lost battle from the start.

    • Word count: 742
  15. How have modern poets such as Charles Causley been inspired by the ballad?

    killed his father and is planning on leaving her, his wife and children; "'O I have killed my father dear, Mother, mother'....'And what will ye leave to your bairns and your wife, Edward, Edward?'" Other ballads have chorus, these are the ones which were sung. Each verse in a ballad has a vivid scene or special dialogue. For example in Sir Patrick Spens there was a really vivid scene of a storm. "When the lift grew dark, and the wind blew loud, and gurly grew the sea."

    • Word count: 1826
  16. Compare the ways in which the three poets present parent child relationships

    At the end of the poem, the poet is snatched back from her memories to real time where her daughter is asking: "As you ask may you skate In the dark, for one more hour" Her daughter is asking for more independence, she is tugging away from her Mother's care, wanting freedom, if only to be allowed outside for another hour. The Poet feels as if her daughter is pulling on the "Red rope of love" which in the poem is referring to the umbilical chord, which although cut now, she still feels that it connects her to her daughter, no matter what happens.

    • Word count: 1078
  17. Compare this poem with one other poem from the selection, on a similar theme explaining which you find more interesting and why.You should also show how the poet uses language to achieve their effects.

    In choosing a poem to compare I choose farm child as its meaning is that as a child the boy is very clearly related and influenced by nature, but as he grows up he must learn to work against nature as opposed to being in harmony with it. This is shown in the last line, "earth breeds and beckons to the stubborn plough." Farm child is made up of one short ten-line stanza, which leads directly to a conclusion. The simple structure encapsulates as idea and seems to catch a moment in the boy's life.

    • Word count: 932
  18. Compare how Fanthorpe and Scannel present the experience of being a child in “Half-past Two” and “Hide and Seek”

    She uses the language of fairytales 'Once upon a schooltime' to imply an image of childhood confusion and innocence. The capital letters of 'He Did Something Very Wrong' illustrate the way a teacher or parent might read to a child and instruct them how to perceive the words on the page. The capital letters also demonstrate his confusion and the godlike fear and respect that he has towards the teacher. The simplicity of the words demonstrates his experience of the world. Despite the lack of the child's voice we still have the voice of the poet and the teacher later on in the poem: "My goodness, she said, I forgot all about you" The tone is almost apologetic and the use of the word 'forgot' implies that the child is unimportant and overlooked.

    • Word count: 2943
  19. Legal Theory - Re K D (a minor) (ward, termination of access)

    But it was never disputed that the appellant loved her child and in the right frame of mind she could cope with his needs. The reason given for her behaviour was because the appellant was of the age of 16 and very immature at the time of his birth. Therefore because of her behaviour, the respondents issued the first summons to the court to make Kenneth a ward of the court. After the respondents were given interim care order, it was decided that the appellant and the minor should be placed together with a family, as she was getting increasable tiresome of the discipline of the centre.

    • Word count: 2143
  20. Mosquito Coast

    Charlie was devoted to his father and he looked up to him a lot. He was proud to have a father so smart and creative, an inventor, but sometimes father did things that embarrassed him. The fact that his father would not send him to school meant a lot to Charlie because he never really could make any friends of his age without going to school - he was deprived of many things kids in his age need.

    • Word count: 483
  21. Daycare has become a major issue over recent years. Some people believe that daycare can be bad for the child while others will disagree and say that the child needs daycare. Discuss.

    Fathers may not be a poor substitute to mothers. Mothers and fathers both contribute to the child's bringing up but in different ways. Schaffer and Emerson (1964) studied sixty Scottish infants every 4 weeks through their first year and then again at 18 months. The mothers reported if there was any protest against separation in seven everyday situations for example being left alone in a room or with a babysitter. Infants were clearly attached to people who didn't perform care taking activities mainly the father.

    • Word count: 1685
  22. Confused, Lost and Enemy poetry

    not to care But no matter what I do The pain is still there Lost Sometimes I sit And stare into space Do I really belong here Or am I in the wrong place?

    • Word count: 301
  23. Before you were mine - Carol Ann Duffy

    'Your polka dot dress blows in the wind. Marilyn.' This is a comparison between Marilyn Monroe, and her mother, who is obviously called Marilyn as well. The photo was taken of her, and her friends all bending down and laughing. The mother's dress was blowing up in the air, as was Marilyn Monroe's. The second verse is about the life of the mother before the child was born. It gives the impression that she had a very glamorous lifestyle, and that was maybe a rebel at heart.

    • Word count: 1319
  24. Explain how our life stage developments parallel what society expects of us in terms of our relationships. Consider areas such as, friendships, companionship, intimate relationships, psychological needs, familial demands and maturity.

    All in all, most people emerge from adolescence fairly unscathed, and go on to lead normal lives. "Adolescence is the age of the final establishment of a dominant positive ego identity. It is then that a future within reach becomes part of the conscious life plan." (Erikson, 63, p306) Adolescence is a watershed, after which the future is redirected and confirmed. It would seem reasonable that much thought would be given to how to use this critical period to reinforce the positive self-image so important for growth and development.

    • Word count: 1741

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