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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. "Compare at least four of the poems you have studied where parent child feelings are shown. Write about On My First Sonne, one poem by Carol Ann Duffy, one by Simon Armitage and one poem from the Pre-1914 bank."

    This structure is similar to Before You Were Mine as it is also structured in a chronological way. The mother's life has been explored this way in each verse. Firstly, the mother's childhood has been mentioned, "Your polka-dot dress blows round your legs." Then in the second verse, the mother is an older dating teenager who falls in love "in the ballroom...I knew you would dance like that." Finally, the last verse describes her as a mother "...You'd teach me the steps on the way home from Mass."

    • Word count: 2278
  2. Creative Play

    colour and texture of the paint * Using paint in a new way * Respond in ways to what they see and feel e.g. hand being printed * Show interest in what they have done * Develop creative skills Personal, Social & Emotional Development * Learn to concentrate on an activity * Gain confidence in their own achievements * Respond to the activity through feelings and words Word Count 290 Reason for the Activity The reason I choose the activity was to show the children how to use paint in a different way, and how to make a handprint, as well as exploring colour and shape.

    • Word count: 1869
  3. Child A has varied needs and I have planned as shown in the assignment how best to meet his needs.

    It may help to vary the pace of learning or to use other methods of learning such as Kinaesthetic Learning. During the puppet session (Appendix B) you can see how different Child A's behaviour is while he is active and doing something he enjoys. He was very involved in the whole process and enjoyed the adult support he received from the teaching assistant. Child A was more engaged when taking part in something he enjoyed and where he was on the move. It is said that 'Kinaesthetic Learners learn best by doing things and having the opportunity to move about.

    • Word count: 6095
  4. Describe the various milestones in the development of a child's language in the first five years

    The child's ears and minds are open to detect the sounds of language and to organise them into words. Children are better at doing this than most adults. For instance babies can recognise variance in sounds (phonemes and syllables), tones, rhythms, and melodies by the age of one or two months old, still long before infants can show any understanding of anything said to them. For example in one study, a non-nutritive nipple was connected to a recording device. When the baby heard the sound 'ba' the babies sucked faster, after a few minutes however the baby got bored.

    • Word count: 1620
  5. Child development Child studyTask "Children can develop in many ways, chose an area to investigate".

    The cultural life of the family to which a child belongs. This will affected how the child is brought up. This factor could also affect the national culture or county of which the family belongs to. The next factor is the child's education. The child's development in education will depended on the parent attitude towards education. There are four main ways a child develops these are physical, emotional, intellectual and social. The first way of development that I am going to talk about is physical development. Physical development is all to do with the body.

    • Word count: 1088
  6. Hobnail - creative writing.

    "Get your shawl Kate. When the sun goes down, it'll get chilly." As the little girl went to the chair by the fireplace to retrieve her wrap, her uncle came in from the back with a lantern. "You'll need this Ellen. The wick is new and I've filled it up for you." "I appreciate it Johnny." Ellen said. "I'll have Scott bring it back when he goes to town next week." Ellen kissed her younger brother good - bye and hugged Sally gently. Patting her sister-in-law on her swollen belly, she said, "I'll be back at the end of the month.

    • Word count: 1618
  7. Protecting children-A Good Practice Guide. Child Protection Framework. The Children's Act 1989 is a comprehensive piece of legislation,

    The Act says that childcare organisations (as defined in the Act) who are planning on employing someone in a child-care position (as defined) must make sure that individuals are checked through the 'one-stop-shop' against the Protection of Children Act List and the relevant part of List 99 and must not employ anyone who is included on either list" 'John Hutton Minister of State' 'www.ntas.org.uk/childrenact.htm' Under the Human Rights Act (1998) the local authority has a general duty to promote the welfare of children in need in their area and to enable children to be brought up by their families by providing a range of support services to the child and her family.

    • Word count: 3689
  8. The poem Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop is, in my opinion, not only about emotion and confusion, but also tells a story of Elizabeth Bishop's life

    "In the failing light, the old grandmother sits in the kitchen..." The words failing and old reinforce this dull mood already created by the mention of September in the first line. The first stanza in this poem is like the prologue to a novel, it helps set the sense and prepare the reader for what's to come, it makes the reader think of questions that they want answered. "...beside the Little Marvel Stove, reading jokes from the almanac..." The mention of the Little Marvel Stove can be to indicate to the reader the time period in which the poem is set, Marvel might have been a popular brand for a stove back at that time.

    • Word count: 1694
  9. Comparing Refugee Mother and Child & On my first Sonne

    The metaphor of his son being 'his best piece of poetry' shows that he thinks his son was his best work of art. The fact that he uses the image of his son being 'lent' to him by God and so it should be God's will that had to take him away also. It is brilliant the way he thinks that by, the death of his son he will never suffer, that death is inevitable to a human being. The ending is the very powerful, by the fact that he has said that next time he will promise and make sure that he will be careful about who he loves.

    • Word count: 601
  10. Critically discuss the assertion that the principles of transactional models of development help us to understand the causes o

    Rather, through her interaction with these multiple environmental components, she has an effect on this environment which in turn helps to shape and determine her subsequent experiences, encounters and reactions in an endless, complex and multifaceted reciprocal cause and effect process. One example of this type of developmental transaction given in the literature2 would be when a young mother experiences complications in pregnancy, such as might result in the birth of a premature and physically under-developed baby. The premature baby could well spend her first few days, weeks or even months in an incubator, prohibiting the initial and immediate post-natal bonding (or imprinting)

    • Word count: 2303
  11. Describe how temperament has been defined and studied by developmental psychologists. With reference to relevant research and theory, discuss the relationship between children's temperament and their early development.

    But as Rutter (1987)1 points out, "temperament" may better be thought of, in the abstract sense, as a concept signifying those consistent traits, or dispositions to act, displayed by the individual child over time, i.e. as general features of a child's early behavioural style. One assertion - proposed for example by Bates (1989)2 - is that these differences in temperament between children are biologically rooted; are present early in life; and are relatively stable across various kinds of situation and over the course of time.

    • Word count: 2526
  12. Postmodern families are increasing in many parts of the world, with rise of divorce, remarriage, blended families, single parenthood, joint custody, adoption, domestic partnership and two career households. Evaluate how these affect the care of children

    In this essay, we will start with identifying the elements required to provide good childcare. We will then discuss the constraints faced by most postmodern families and lastly, how society and community can help postmodern parents with childcare. Postmodern family may be seen affecting the care of the children. However, it should be emphasized that it is actually satisfying the needs of the children that plays a crucial role in childcare. Therefore, the physical, psychological and emotional needs of children must be clearly understood.

    • Word count: 2163
  13. ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES ABOUT CHILD ABUSE AND SAFEGUARDING CHLDREN This essay will critically analyse issues and controversies surrounding child abuse. "

    Child abuse is a controversial subject that is biased. This is because what one person defines as abuse compared to another is often inexplicably different. Government, in the publication of "Working Together" sets out the definition of child abuse as "Somebody may abuse or neglect a child by inflicting harm, or by failing to act to prevent harm. Children may be abused in a family or in an institutional or community setting; by those known to them or, more rarely, by a stranger".

    • Word count: 2882
  14. Introductory visit/initial assessment of child

    He is a very loving and caring child. Brandon showed h was loving and caring when on my visit his mum had just had a new born baby, Brandon passed her, her slippers and helped her with the new baby which showed me that he was loving and caring. Home/local environment: the type of family Brandon lives in is a Step family he lives with his mother, father, grandmother ( she comes over too look after the children), his bothers (Danny which is 4 week old , Michael aged 7 , Adam aged 15 and he also has 1 half brother called Harley aged 12 and a sister called Jodie aged 15).

    • Word count: 1268
  15. Do you agree that Maupassant sometimes makes us consider our normal ideas of what is good and what is bad?

    No. Never! It's a think nobody's got no right asking a mother to do. I won't have it! It'd be sinful and wicked!`" However, the way Madame Tuvache gets her respect and admiration, though boasting, saying how much better she is than the Vallins and spoiling her son, Charlot, makes us question whether or not she is worthy of being held in such high regard. "They (the Vallins) quarrelled with their neighbours, because Madame Tuvache said the most awful things about them and went round other people's houses saying that anyone who sells a child for money must be unnatural, it was a horrible disgusting dirty business."

    • Word count: 1946

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to medical guidelines, ADHD affects 5% of school aged children, and the male to female ratio in diagnosed ADHD prevalence is at least 4 to 1. The observed prevalence of ADHD in boys and girls is skewed by the fact that symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity are more common in boys, whereas girls with ADHD more commonly have inattentive symptoms. Many girls remain undiagnosed as they may not be referred to a clinic, they may still be failing at school, and experiencing other problems due to their ADHD.

    • Word count: 3132
  17. Strategies to support children and their families

    These needs are:- * Children, who are not achieving a reasonable standard of health or development. * Children, whose health or their development is likely to be damaged. * Children with disabilities. The service that social services provide is advice, counselling and guidance, occupational, social, cultural and leisure activities, home help, holiday provision, day care provision for the under-fives and activities after school and in the holidays, accommodation for children, where the person caring for them has been prevented for any reason, from providing accommodation. There is other statutory support for families to help the family stay together in an abusive situation, these are:- Educational psychologists, doctors, probation officers, drug and alcohol counsellors, play therapists and schools.

    • Word count: 1311
  18. Analyse the potential effects of discrimination on children with special needs and their families

    Siblings - if the special needs child has brothers/sisters, they may feel over-protective towards the child or even neglect the special needs child. They may resent their brother/sister for the amount of attention the special needs child receives. There may be jealously - they may have to take on more in the home - such as domestic jobs, where the special needs child cannot do. They may receive teasing and social isolation from others, children in school/community. 'I'm not playing with you, your brother/sister is 'thick', 'dunce', 'weird looking' e.t.c.

    • Word count: 944
  19. Private International Law

    seeking to change his domicile.2 The burden however has been reduced to some extent and doesn't appear to be as onerous as it once was. The domicile of origin is relatively simple. It's the domicile a person gains at birth as determined by parentage, thus it doesn't matter where a child was born since it follows his parents domicile. The rules under this doctrine relating to children until recently were high unsatisfactory. The rules in my opinion were draconian and sexist.

    • Word count: 1734
  20. A life course perspective

    Changes or conflict in any one layer will ripple throughout other layers. He describes these layers as interlocking systems that shape and influence an individual's development. The microsystem looks at those factors that are located within the child's immediate environment, such as parents or events in the home. These factors have the greatest impact on the child because they experiences are concrete and direct. The mesosystem describes the way in which two or more microsystems interact. The exosystem is the layer that is beyond the immediate environment of the child, such as the childs neighbourhood.

    • Word count: 2214
  21. TORT ESSAY - PROBLEM QUESTION Economic loss and duty of care

    and assuming he did not have such right they were nonetheless negligent in acting the way they did in view of the serious economic losses he suffered thereof. To establish a claim under the tort of negligence Sunita's husband will have to prove that the doctors owned him a duty of care not 'give' him a disabled son or rather a duty to diagnose properly the potential injuries suffered by the baby during the accident, that they breached such duty and that such breach caused him to suffer damages.

    • Word count: 2218

    I noted that a lot of things were done during the course of all the activity. Let me take a look of the benefits of the activities that took place. Activities like cooking help a person to be emotionally free and able to express him or herself in a fair and precise way. On it's own cooking helps and improves the hand-eye coordination. It helps communication skills to improve and relives stress and brings happiness. It reduces some destructive behaviour.

    • Word count: 1040
  23. "Juno and the Paycock" Coursework

    In "Juno", we find that the Boyle family have come into a great deal of wealth. Almost immediately, "Captain" Jack Boyle spends most of it, hence, giving him the title of the "Paycock". Johnny Boyle, his son, has a secret, which gradually unfolds as the story progresses. It turns out that he has been a government informer; "you didn't think o' that when you gave him away to the gang that sent him to his grave". This ultimately leads to Johnny's execution; "where were you when me darlin' son was riddled with bullets". Juno Boyle, Boyle's wife, in the centre of everything, is feeling the burdens of life on her shoulders as she tries to keep her family together.

    • Word count: 1419
  24. AB attends a reception class Monday to Friday 8:55 am till 3:10 pm. She has one older brother who attends high school. The aim for this observation is to assess AB's stage of linguistic development in relation to developmental

    It is important for children to develop linguistically because it's the main form of communication. Also it is important because this area of learning is closely linked to emotional and social development. Tassoni and Beith (2002) state that between the ages of four and eight years old children begin to develop and refine language. They can: * Use complex sentences correctly * By five years, vocabulary is about 5000 words * Enjoys telling and hearing jokes * Understands that that language can be written with symbols * By eight years most children are fluent speakers, readers and developing writers of their language Tassoni and Beith (2002)

    • Word count: 2526
  25. Why family structures are changing.

    Some people think that living together will lead automatically to marriage, but that often is not the case." Ref www.civitas.org.uk The estimate of one-parent families in 1976 was 3/4 million, about 1 in 10 of all families with dependent children. Around half of all lone parents had two or more dependent children, so that, in 1976, more than 1/4 million dependent children were living in one-parent families. Ref www.NationalStatistics.co.uk Grounds for divorce include adultery, desertion, cruelty, the gender divide that has began to grow in recent years has shown that women are now becoming more economically independent, instead of depending on men.

    • Word count: 22826

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