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Child Study - Visit 6

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Visit 6 (Valentines Card) February 10th 2008 2 years 5 months Length of Visit - 2 Hours Length of Activity - 30 Minutes In this final visit with Alfie I am going to created a valentine's card with him, I think this will help me to asses how Alfie's fine motor skills have improved since visit one when Alfie was only 1 year and 10 months and he created a collage with help from me. I am hoping the Alfie will enjoy this activity as I have seen in previous visits he enjoys being creative. Aims: Emotional Aims Does Alfie become frustrated when he isn't able to have his own way? Does Alfie find it easy to express how he feels? Does Alfie like to do things unaided? Intellectual Aims Have Alfie's concentration span improved? Can Alfie match two or three primary colours? Is Alfie willing to take turns and share with people? Physical Aims Can Alfie hold a pencil in his hand? Has Alfie's tripod grasp improved? Can Alfie hold a crayon with thumb and fingers (not fist)? Can Alfie draw using some wrist action; makes dots, lines, circular strokes? Social Aims Does Alfie enjoy helping Adults e.g. tidying up? Is Alfie able to work in a team and co-operate with others? Is Alfie able to hold a conversation with me? Planning I will need to bring the necessary equipment with me that is needed for the visit e.g. ...read more.


I observed Alfie's fine motor skills and how they have improved from previous visits. Alfie was able to draw using a large coloured pencil; Alfie did this using his preferred hand (his right) and drew various patterns e.g. dots and lines - Alfie held the pencil using his fingers (tripod grasp) not his fist, showing his fine motor skills have improved. Alfie understood what the equipment was used for and was gluing paper to the card without any help from me. I cut out shapes for Alfie to stick onto the card as he didn't attempt to use the scissors himself. I pointed at different coloured card to assess Alfie's intellectual skills - Alfie was able name all the colours that I pointed to (green, blue and orange). Alfie was willing to share things with me during the activity and wasn't possessive about his toys etc., and would say "you do" when he wanted me to show him how do certain tasks e.g. folding the card. I found it difficult to keep Alfie on task, he wasn't interested in sticking glitter, crepe paper etc. to the valentines card, he was more intrigued by the different textures of the glue, paper and loved the feeling of them on his hands, I think Alfie enjoyed testing and exploring the environment around him . I helped Alfie with the more delicate parts of the card by pointing to areas and saying "here" where he could stick the crepe paper, Alfie wasn't eager to be independent and do things for himself which I thought he might be as this behaviour is usually for a child of Alfie's age. ...read more.


he feels by the use of language and is able to do things unaided without the help of adults although, Alfie does show defiant behaviour when he is forced to do something he doesn't want to do. Alfie also understands the emotions of other around him and understands when he is doing something wrong. Conclusion My conclusion is that Alfie is reaching the correct milestones for his age. In some instances he is slightly ahead, for example, he is able to draw patterns such as dots and lines and demonstrates advanced social skills. He is approximately 27 months old, yet these milestones are usually associated with infants of 3 years, (ref. Child Development by Valerie Hall and Heather Brennand). Alfie appeared to enjoy the visit very much. I think this is because Alfie was able to be creative and express himself through art; it is also a way for Alfie to let of steam. Alfie is still very dependant of the Adults around him for constant attention. Alfie enjoys being the centre of attention. Alfie's fine motor skills have improved greatly over the course of the visits; he now shows the ability to write using his preferred hand, something which he hasn't been able to achieve in past visits. Alfie's achievements during this visit met with almost all my predictions. However, the skills Alfie was not capable of such as concentrating for long period aren't evident until a child reaches 3 years; therefore I expect Alfie to be able to achieve this during the next visit. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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