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China - Women.

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Outline Study - China - Women Before 1949, women had been classified as second class citizens in China. In some families when a girl was born they would kill the baby because they would eventually marry and could not hand down the family. Women were often forced into marriage by parents, as it is a Chinese tradition that the daughter must obey her elders. Baby girl's feet might be bounded so tight at a young age that later in life their feet become permanently deformed, making movement difficult and extremely painful. In many cases because the family is poor, the parents would sell their daughters into slavery or become child-brides to be fed and brought up by her husband's family. ...read more.


Furthermore a legal marriage age was set for both women (at age 18) and men (at age 20) were set, to prevent cases of child-brides. Husbands and wives now jointly owned the family property, whereas before it belonged to the man. The Communists introduced many other laws that improved the welfare of women in China: For example, Bigamy, the killing of female children and the exaction of money or gifts in connection with marriages were abolished. Both husband and wife had the right to use his or her own family name. Both husband and wife enjoyed equal status in the home, whereas before the man was always the head of the family. A further law in February 1951 gave pregnant women the benefit of full wages for two months after the birth of the child. ...read more.


However, there was an increase for female labors in factories, and even today the majority of factory workers are women. Through the changes in Chinese history, women now have equal pay and improved health care for both themselves and their families. Never less, the clear improvement of women's welfare put into action by the Communists at some level had gained women's support. Through the civil war and after the CCP came into power the women supported the party for all the privileges they provided them and the aid given to make women and men equal. Looking from this point of view, Mao would have also gained confidence from women, which represented a fair half of China's population. This helped Mao to gain power and gain the support of the Chinese public. ...read more.

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