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Citizenship Activity Log

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Activity Log Activity Group/Individual Date Concept idea - after school meeting Group 30th November 08 Poster ideas - Research Individual - Michael 5th December 08 Discuss with Mrs Walton Group 19th January 09 Ask for permission - Stick up posters Individual - Hassan 23rd January 09 Produce Draft Poster Group 26th January 09 Show to Mrs Walton Group 29/30th January 09 Produce Final Poster Individual - Faraaz 2nd February 09 Stick up posters around the school Group 3rd-6th February 09 Concept idea - As a group we decided on possible ideas and we came to a conclusion of having an aim. We aim to raise basic drug awareness amongst the teenage society in our school. We want to achieve this aim by sticking up posters around the school. ...read more.


He told us that we needed a letter from one of our parents so that we would be able to do this. Therefore David's mother wrote a letter to Mr. Attridge about this issue. This relates to the importance of communicating well with colleagues and bosses to be able to achieve our target. Speak to Mrs. Walton - After giving a parents letter to our school, we were told to see Mrs. Walton (Head of Citizenship) so that she would tell us what we needed to do next to be able to have permission from school for leaving early on the day of our activity. Mrs. Walton informed us that the final step was to get a letter from our parents confirming permission to be able to leave school earlier. ...read more.


I kept the document so that I would be able to learn and use it for our event. Researching is important due to that it provides you with valuable information and sources relating to the subject. Meeting, what we have done and future - Me and David had a meeting where we discussed what we have done so far, and what we are going to do in the future. I explained and showed the researches which I did and we talked about what we were going to do after. We realised that we still had to confirm an exact date of our event and get the permission letters from our parents. Group meetings influence ideas and improve plans towards the future. It is important because you have to gather what you have done and discuss it with your colleague or partner. ...read more.

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