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citizenship coursework b

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Abbie Bulleyment 10c Citizenship coursework B The knowledge of a celebrity's main priority is anything but perplexing. Money, is what most people are inclined to think. With their infamous antics and diva-style behaviour; their cheque books seem to operate more than their conscience. They say money cannot buy you happiness, but what about the happiness of others? The issue of this course work, revolves around Madonna's adoption of Malawian child, David Banda- and the controversy that has accumulated. This is due to her suggested influence over the Malawian government, courtesy of her salary. The 48 year old singer won custody of the child, after she completed a 'whirlwind tour' of orphanages in Malawi, despite initially denying intentions to adopt. As legal proceedings took place, the HRCC sought after an injunction to prevent David from being brought to the UK, maintaining that any adoption from a foreign country is illegal. A recent quote from the Daily Mail stated; "Revelations that Madonna is paying �20,000 for a civil servant from Malawi's adoption ministry to ...read more.


Never the less, the circumstances of Madonna and Ewan's adoptions are surprisingly comparable; they suddenly dropped by foreign countries, and immediately decided to adopt. Perhaps the bias is a result of the unconfirmed legalities of Madonna's actions, or just because her celebrity eminence seems far more prevailing than Ewan McGregor to some people. However, it is all a matter of personal opinion. Therefore, it is not always unproblematic to determine what is accurate and what isn't. Some people believe that the adoption was just to follow what seems to be latest celebrity trend, and others believing that it is a genuine blessing for Madonna, who obtained no role in any illegal agreements with the Malawian government by any means. This belief is actually verified by a senior Malawian government official; "We explained every detail and Madonna herself explained her intentions in the face of the judge and in Banda's presence," Kilembe said. "He (Banda) ...read more.


It's a country where there is no real legal framework for adoption. I have been horrified by the attacks she's been subjected to. All that should count is the happiness of her little David." "We have been monitoring her and so far we see a loving mother in Madonna and David is very fine... the father should not be worried." - Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare of Malawi, Adrina Mchiela, in a statement released Friday A senior Malawian government official on Monday dismissed as untrue remarks by an illiterate father who said he was misled into signing over his son for adoption by pop diva Madonna. But his comments were categorically denied by Penson Kilembe, director of child welfare in the Ministry of Women and Child Development, who told Reuters the ministry explained every detail of the process to Banda and his family. "We explained every detail and Madonna herself explained her intentions in the face of the judge and in Banda's presence," Kilembe said. "He (Banda) was asked several times in court if he understood what was going on and he said he did." ...read more.

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