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Citizenship Coursework-Child Abuse Essay

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Citizenship Coursework-Child Abuse Essay Over the years child abuse seems to have become a lot more common especially in the UK. Usually around 3 million child abuse reports are made throughout one year and many children die as a result of it. Child abuse is usually when a child suffers harm or death because of physical cruelty, emotional cruelty, sexual abuse or neglect by an adult. A lot of the time the adult is a parent or someone which they thought they could trust. The adult 75% of the time is male and a lot of the time this is due to alcohol. Bullying and racism are also forms of child abuse. All the different types of abuse have harmful affects on the victims. ...read more.


Child line will make sure you are protected from further abuse. They will help you to report the abuse to an agency that will make sure you are safe. Reporting abuse is quite simple you don't have to give your name so no one would know. Also if you only have a suspicion then it is unlikely that the child will be removed from their home straight away they will just be checked on by authorities. Child line also does a lot of work supporting children by working through schools. They do a lot of fundraising such as long distance running and walking and also organising events like concerts and balls. Child abuse is very difficult to deal with if there is no evidence of it taking place. ...read more.


teenagers. There are ways in which anyone can get involved to support child abuse. You can do fundraising by doing walks, runs and holding sales and open days. Local communities could set up more mother and child areas from a younger age which gives them a chance to bond with each other. Parents should be aware of the consequences of child abuse and the harms and affects on children throughout their whole lives. Some of the harmful long term affects include depression and also suicide attempts. They will also re-experience flash backs and nightmares. Adults that have been abused at a young age may feel that this is a normal way of bringing up children. Therefore if they grow up to have children they may abuse their own children. The only way to stop a cycle like this is to work with parents or other caregivers who seek help or who are referred for help. ...read more.

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