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Compare and Contrast 'You're' and 'To Edwin at Eight Months.

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Compare and Contrast 'You're' and 'To Edwin at Eight Months The first similarity which I came across between the two poems was both of the poems have been written about young and very young children. Also I found that both of the poems are descriptive of the child and its actions. One contrast between the poem 'You're and 'To Edwin....' Is that 'You're' has been based around an unborn child where as in the other poem it has been written about a child already of eight months old. This shows that both the poems have been written from different perspectives. ...read more.


it says 'getting limbs'. A contrast which I found was although both are written by the parents of the children, 'You're' gives a sense that the mother has a confident frame of mind about the baby but it is clear that in 'To Edwin....' He doesn't have a confident frame of mind. Also another point is that Sylvia Plath maybe experiencing pregnancy for a second or third time. However the father in 'To Edwin' seems anxious and seems as if this is his first child. Another similarity is that both of these poems use a great deal of descriptive content in the poems and also both the poems describe real life actual experiences. ...read more.


'maybe I should get you your new blue truck? And 'a fork in your fortune' this describes the father's concerns for the future of the child's life. Another similarity is that the gender of the children is unknown. One contrast which I found was that unlike 'you're' which is almost completely descriptive of the child, 'To Edwin' is describing a series of events an in each section the child is described also both of the poems are based upon real experiences however 'You're' is written so that it almost seems unreal with some of the metaphors used. But 'To Edwin' is described in an extremely normal way (marmite and toy trucks) and seems much more realistic. Although the metaphors used in 'You're' are very powerful and enhancing images. 1 John Foster C.H 24th January 2003 ...read more.

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