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Compare The Ways In Which For Heidi And Lullaby Show Different Aspects Of The Relationship Between Parents And Their Growing Children. Refer Closely To The Poet's Use Of Language In These Poems.

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Compare The Ways In Which For Heidi And Lullaby Show Different Aspects Of The Relationship Between Parents And Their Growing Children. Refer Closely To The Poet's Use Of Language In These Poems Rosemary Norman writes Lullaby. The poem is ironic because it is the child singing to the mother. Throughout the poem we are never sure whose voice is coming through the poem. At times the reader feels that they are the voice, this makes the poem personal. The poet uses repetition that gives the poem an insincere tone. The structure follows the development of the baby from the cradle, through to leaving home. The dangers are all very life threatening and are the mother's worst fears. The poem outlines the anxieties of the mother and the danger of death. The first verse shows the first danger of a newborn baby that is cradle death. 'Go to sleep, Mum. I won't stop breathing // suddenly, in the night'. The 'suddenly' on its own makes it even more dramatic and emphasises the shock and danger. As the child gets older the dangers start to become more advanced. In the second verse there is the common danger of a toddler hurting itself when it starts to get mobile. ...read more.


There are then the later dangers of abusing drugs, sex and schooling. These are common anxieties for parents as they can affect the child in later life and also they can be life threatening. 'I won't sniff glue, fail my exams, get myself/ my girl friend pregnant. I'll work hard and get a steady/ really worthwhile job. I promise, go to sleep'. The poet uses rhythm and lists the danger to give the poem an insincere tone. Also the use of the '/' gives the impression of 'tick the appropriate' and creates the insincere tone. The poem is ambiguous and the voice changes throughout the poem. In this case I felt that the poet is trying to engage the reader by making the poem more personal and address it to the reader. Rosemary Norman does this by saying 'get myself/ my girlfriend pregnant. This could also be the voice of an unborn baby or a pregnant mother speaking to the baby. The mother wouldn't know the sex of her baby so that's the reason why there is the option of both sexes. The last verse shows the unbreakable dependence on the mother from the child. The poet uses '/' again to create an insincere tone. 'I'll never forget to drop in/ phone/ write and if I need any milk, I'll yell'. ...read more.


She does this effectively with the help of a few tears, '(You wiped your eyes also not in the school colours)', the tears are ironic and the use of the brackets mocks the tears. The manipulation and the power of the adults is also shown again as she commands her father to tell her school that 'tell them it won't wash out - not even if I wanted to try'. This also shows how she has her father wrapped around her finger. At the start of the fifth verse there is a change of tone, 'I would have been unfair to mention your mother's death, but that shimmered behind the arguments'. The word 'shimmered' shows that the subject of the death of her mother is still very much there but it is not discussed. Fleur shows again the lack of power that the teachers had by saying 'teachers twittered and gave in', I pictured this as small helpless birds in their nest very delicate and helpless. The final verse shows the lack of respect towards the adults, but also the battle to get their own way. The battle fought is a mockery and is not filled with anger or hatred but just a tease. 'Your black friend had hers done in grey, white and flaxen yellow - the school colours precisely: an act of solidarity, a witty tease. The battle was already won'. Ibrahim Ferullo ...read more.

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