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Comparison of into my heart and I remember I remember

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Michael Coates 10D Comparison of "into my heart..." and " I remember I remember" Both poems are about the past and are similar in many ways, but "I remember, I remember" seems much more upbeat about the past than "into my heart..." A.E. Housman's poem describes the " lost content" of a speaker who is made unhappy when he realises the happy times he had when he was young are gone forever. In Thomas Hood's poem the speaker is also made unhappy when he is made aware that he can never re-visit those happy times he experienced as a child. They both explain the same idea in a different way; "Into my heart..." ...read more.


The memories seem happy because the symbolic landscape is rural and idyllic. This landscape has hills, farms and spires, which suggest that the speaker once led a simple life, which is very different from the life he is now leading, and a life to which he can never return. "I remember, I remember" uses a child's perspective to represent the past: the "little window" where the sun came "peeping" in at morn, and he thought the "fir trees dark and high" were "close against the sky" because that is how gigantic they must seem, to a child who is not yet fully grown. Each stanza focuses on a different detail of his past, but they all use the same structure, in every stanza a ...read more.


are just two examples. His memories are full of bright colours and natural imagery, the reds and whites, roses, violets and lilies, swallows, feathers, summer pools and fresh air, all help to make the speakers memories more vivid and fresh. The speaker's memories are wonderful and happy, but the great happiness of his memories adds to his own sadness. Both poems are about the speaker's memories of their childhoods, and both speakers express sorrow that they cannot experience those things again. But they express their memories in different ways, Housman uses symbolism in his poem to show us the speaker's memories, and Hood uses a child's perspective. They both focus on the same thing; the joy of childhood, and how once they reach adulthood there is nothing more they want, than to be a child again. ...read more.

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