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Confused, Lost and Enemy poetry

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Confused Im filled with anger I don't know at whom I am filled with sorrow A newfound sense of doom Im on the floor shaking And I don't know why The only thing to do now Is to lay here and cry I look fine on the outside But inside I am torn My heart is now broken My spirit forlorn I want to be happy I want ...read more.


Surrounded by questions That are flooding my mind Someday the answers Are what I hope to find My thoughts are shattered Im going round the bend If this is the beginning When is it going to end? I hear children playing They sound so free I feel so jealous That used to be me I often pinch myself To check that this is real No-one understands Just how I ...read more.


calls you names She doesn't care She has no feeling She isn't fair She may have problems That remain unknown To explain the reasons To how she has grown You tried to be her friend But never would she listen You've never seen her smile Nor seen her eyes glisten I wish I could kill her Eject her from my life Because all she causes Is hurt and strife ...read more.

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