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Consider the impact on a Child(ren) raised in a lone parent household.

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Consider the impact on a Child(ren) raised in a lone parent household. Many sociologists, such as Peter Townsend would believe that lone parent families are a by-product of an ineffective welfare system. Others however believe they are purely inevitable in a society that places more emphasis on live in relationships, than it does on marriage. Whatever their stance on lone parents, the fundamental question asked is, how does this affect the lives of the lone parents and their child or children. ...read more.


In a study carried out by Mack and Lansley titled "Poor Britain", it found that there are certain factors which can predict the risk at which a person or family is, from poverty. It found that couples are 10% likely to be in poverty, couples with children are 19% likely to be in poverty, but an astounding 50% of lone parents are at risk of poverty. As mentioned previously, women are much more likely than men to be lone parents and therefore more likely to be in poverty than men. ...read more.


With the arrival of the internet, very few homes are without the technology of a PC with internet access, putting added pressure on the sole parent to provide one. This is because a child at school will come in daily contact with a computer, not only for internet access, but also for basic English. When the child does not have a PC at home, and the child's peers do, the child may feel inadequate at the fact that they simply cannot afford one, and in turn feel resentful at the parent for being in the situation that the find themselves in. ...read more.

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