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"Day Care jeopardizes the development of children". Use your text books for arguments for and against!

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"Day Care jeopardizes the development of children". Use your text books for arguments for and against! Day care and social development Social development refers to the development of the child's relationships with other people. It is concerned with the process by which the child becomes a part of the wider society while, at the same time, becomes a separate and distinct individual. This involves learning and acting in terms of the norms - the accepted ways of behaving - which operate in the wider society, and also learning to become a relatively independent person. Psychologists tend to have the following picture of the socially well-adjusted child. This child gets on with other people and stands on their own two feet. In other words, they have developed relationship skills and a certain level of independence. ...read more.


In general, their social skills and their knowledge of the wider social world are more developed than children who do not attend day care centres. Other studies point to the negative effects of day care on social development. These studies suggest that children who attend day care centres are more aggressive and less like to comply with the requests and follow the instructions of their parents and teachers. It is important not to overstate this level of aggression - it is well within the range found in children in general (Cole & Cole, 1996). Interpreting the results why are the findings apparently contradictory? A number of reasons have been suggested * The effect of day care on social development may depend on the quality of day care. ...read more.


* Even if some children in day care are more aggressive, this may have nothing to do with day care as such. Children who are aggressive may be more likely to be placed in day care because their parents find them difficult to handle. Alternatively, their aggression may stem from their family relationships. If both parents are in full-time employment, they may well be under stress especially with one or more preschool children. In some cases, it may be stress within the family unit, rather than day care that results in aggressive children (Clarke- Stewart, 1999). Conclusion Most researchers believe that high quality d. care is beneficial for children's social development. The child is exposed to a wider social world and most children" learn to get along with larger groups of people. In doing they develop a wider range of social skills and greater independence from the family unit. ...read more.

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