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Describe and attempt to analyse various factors effecting human growth and development (case study)

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Describe and attempt to analyse various factors effecting human growth and development Human growth and development is a process, which follows through people's life stages by developing physical, intellectual and social skills and there are five factors that can influence or affect it. The factors can be: biological, social, economic, environmental and cultural. All of these factors influence human growth and development trough life journey, but it affects differently. The factors can have impact on growth and development in positive and negative way. This essay analyses factors that influence Rita's growth and development through different life cycles by arguing theoretical theories of some well known theorists. The essay starts with Rita's childhood that goes to adolescence and later transmits to adulthood. First of the life stages is childhood. Most theories have the same approach to it, where the physical and emotional development has a big impact on later life stages and is a critical time for the development of healthy attachment relationships. According to Erikson (Gross, 1992, pp 628 - 629) ...read more.


Her inherited genes from parents left Rita growing tall as well as her siblings, indicating that environment does not always affect person's growth in full. Secondly follows adolescence and it is one of the most conflict stages through people's life span; in witch numbers of changes are occurred. Not only body goes though changes during puberty, but the incidence of emotional and mental problems increases, too. Erikson in his theories alleged, that during this period, young adults have moral issues as well as self identity, conflicts in family relationships and peer pressure (Gross, 1992, pp 628 - 629). During this stage, Rita not only had to experience these problems, but had to face the biggest change in her life - exile. All her family were expatriated from their home to another country were had to start a new life from the beginning. Rita reached her critical period during her exile confronting new culture, environment and language. Nevertheless this period of life was fraught of emotional difficulties Rita had coped really well by adopting new changes. ...read more.


Just transiting this path of life, Rita had to change her life yet again, by having been sent back to homeland. While living back at home, she was working in kolkhoz earning little money and helping her parents to re - built their life as a agriculturists. As most theories stated, Rita got married and had children in yearly adulthood. She lived in extended family, where she took care not only for her children, but her parents in law, too. While caring for parents in law, after children left home, Rita prevented inactivity and meaninglessness that helped her to avoid Middle life crisis (Aiken, 1998). This followed in late adulthood too, when she started volunteering and helping other people. In a consequence all the five factors affected Rita's growth and development through life cycle, while some had more substantial impact on it, than others. The environmental and social factors had the biggest influences on Rita' life, that intensively followed through all her life journey. Hers life was full of significant changes, making her work physically hard all her adulthood and at some point suffering from poverty, yet all these aspects had affected her more emotionally and mentally rather than physically. ...read more.

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