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Describe the role of three other professionals with whom you may work.

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Communication and Intellectual Development When children do play activities they are actually doing quite a lot of things to help them develop. They will not develop in one area at a time but a few. In intellectual development they would develop in things like imagination, concepts and memory. Communication development includes speaking and listening. I have chosen to write about children aged 3-5 building sand castles as an activity because it covers these areas well. Title: Buildings Sand Castles Resources: You will need a Sand box some sand, miniature spades and tools, a bucket, water and possibly some toy tree's, people or flags. Preparation: You need to make sure the sand is suitable for the child to play with e.g. it's not full of litter etc if it was outdoors. After you see the sand is there and ready you could provide them with some water beside the sand pit/box. You could get all the sand play utensils and the toy flags and people out for the child to use in advance. ...read more.


They can also make up a story to go with what they are building. Concepts: The child is developing mathematical concepts through the activity. The pattern and designs that the child makes up when he build the sand castle and objects around it, like paths tree's etc or even adding water to the sand to make it firm. The child will learn things like full/empty, Heavy/light, numbers, textures and size. Concentration: They child would have to concentrate on the sand to build what they want, although this wont be hard because the child will enjoy what they are doing and concentration will come naturally. The children will be interested on all the things they can do with the sand and the water mixed together how big they can make the castle etc. This will get their concentration as they will enjoy finding new things. Memory: Remembering what a castle looks like in the first place is the main thing a child will remember. ...read more.


How the activity supports Communicative development. Speaking: When the child speaks to the practitioner supervising him/her they will be learning new language for example words to do with the castle, these could be names- the top tower, the moat. They could be textures the sand is firmer because we have added water, or even this is the biggest castle and this is a smaller one but the one over there is the smallest. Because the children are enjoying themselves while playing they find it easier to remember these words. Listening: The practitioner as well as the child needs to listen because when the child listens they understands what to do, this makes the activity more fun for them. But the practitioner needs to listen as well not just to set the example for the child but to hear their personal needs to improve their play. Writing: The child could write things in the sand for example their name, this would help in developing their fine motor skills. Reading: This could be like developing discriminatory skills. Different flags for example. This helps them develop skills in recognising differences. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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