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Diabetes and dietary control

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´╗┐Diabetes and dietary control Diabetes is a sets of disease through which the body cannot regulate the amount of glucose within the body. Glucose is the substances that can give energy to out body to perform physical activities. if the body could not produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond this usually causes diabetes. There are various types of diabetes that can accrued, but mostly it is controllable with help of advanced technology and medicines available in the market today. ...read more.


Tracking the change in your diet including eating the right amount of food is recommended for all people without diabetes this can help people prevent various diseases. Depending on the type of diabetes your doctor may require you to maintain any of the following dietary intake. They may have a specialised recommendations that we can only be defined according to the pt?s condition but usually the pt may given an advice including the following. ...read more.


Fish and seafood: include in your diet at least twice a week as they are a good source of omega-3 and fatty acid good for the heart, most fishes are good alternative for meet, cod, tuna, salmon etc. Good fatty food: There are fatty food which are good for the heart . this includes non-saturated food, like avocado, olives, canola, that are mono and poly saturated producers. Also diabetes person need to avoid sugary food , including honey. They must also need to avoid processed sugary food such as chocolate, sweet, candies etc. High fat diary products such as canned beef, hotdogs, sausages, should also be prevented. ...read more.

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