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Did China’s One Child Policy Work As Planned?

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Persuasive Writing (One Child Policy) Did China's One Child Policy work as planned? China's One Child Policy was first officially started in the Year 1979. The Policy was adopted to ensure that China, a country that has been prone to severe flooding and famine, would be able to feed its people. The rapid population growth that occurred after the Communist Party came to power had put a strain on the government's efforts to help its people. So in an attempt to combat the widespread poverty and improve the overall quality of life, the one child policy was adopted. The Chinese Government believes that the One Child Policy might cause the birth rate of the country to come down, which might reduce the total population in the coming years. If more couples were having fewer children, there might not be so many people in the following generation. However, geographers think that One Child Policy may force the Chinese families to think whether their single child should be male or female. Although, it is illegal in China, Technology has made it possible to detect the gender of the fetus during pregnancy and this has caused, the abortion of female fetuses before they are born. ...read more.


parents may devote the entire attention and care to the single child and make him grow up with proper love, care and education. It will also be easier for parents, especially poor people to educate their child very well. This in future may increase the literacy rate in the country, thus helping the country's economy. On the other hand, according to many parents point of view, the single child may get lonely while growing up and there is also a greater probability of he/she getting spoilt by the love of their parents. According to a report by Seth Faison, in New York Times, on August 17, 1997 "Many of them are treated as young prince and princesses. Many of them are self-centered and lack the ability to co-work with each other even though they perform well individually". [Seth Faison, New York Times, August 17, 1997]. I think that, this problem cannot be ignored because; a well-functioning society is a result of group work rather than a number of individual performances. Parents may expect a lot from their single child and want them to be the best in the society. ...read more.


[http://www.Mytholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/ chinpop.htm] Many parents debate that Mandatory sterilization, does not allow them to give birth to another child if their first child is handicapped or dies in childhood. The couples then have to spend their entire life without having a child. At last, according to my opinion, I would like to conclude that this policy does not allow women to stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the society. According to an article of Seth Faison in New York Times on August 17, 1997 "Many people, especially people in western countries, consider this policy as a strong violation of human rights". I too share their view, as this policy does not allow, illegal children to have any kind of privilege and makes them suffer problems, till they die. So I think that China should adopt a new policy, which is fair for everyone in the country. The new policy should, also encourage people to give birth to fewer children, without differentiating between male and female. I would also like to say that China faced new problems and challenges by adopting the one child policy. The One Child Policy may not have worked out as the Chinese Government had planned. ...read more.

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