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Discuss the family as the main element of society

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´╗┐CENDIA ENGLISH INSTITUTE INTERMEDIATE FOUR THE FAMILY AS THE MAIN ELEMENT OF SOCIETY The family is the principal component of the society. Without it, it would not exist. The family is an open system and a social unit where their members can develop their capacities and abilities but also in the other hand it can also have pain, suffer and violence. Therefore, emphasis should be given to the way a person is brought up in the family where he belongs, because if children fail, parents are in part guilty of their failures and victories. I consider that this thesis is correct because the traditional concept of a loving family demand to have elements of trust, support and especially love into a cohesive structure that will be able to withstand societal challenges. ...read more.


Accordingly, it is necessary to remember that there must always be the presence and guidance of parents, as the father and mother are responsible for the family. Hence, adults assume that they have to keep the financial stability, as well as education and health. However, ten or fifteen years ago many people believed that they would find the happiness of the family and the welfare of their children working in other countries such as Spain or the United States trying to solve their economic situation; as a result of those decisions today we find out that more and more problems arise in our society due to the breakdown of the family. ...read more.


The effects to the society of the breakdown of the family is that most teenagers have alcohol or drug problems, in addition, girls are pregnant, because they didn´t have the most important thing, which was not a new house with a big pool like in Azogues, or the best play station; the real necessity was to have the love and the support of their parents. In conclusion stable families are the first unit in building unified communities. Therefore, we as parents, we must first solve our problems so we can educate our children with love and respect, so they can have a high self-esteem and thus may benefit our society. GABRIELA CAROLINA AYALA HERRERA ...read more.

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