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Drama - Responding and Developing.

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Drama Session one - Responding and Developing Task One: After creating a map, in groups, families were created, based on this map. There was the family of prostitutes, from the local brothel, there was the inn owners, there was the family from the fruit and veg stall, and there was the soldier family, who lived in side the barons castle, and were just a small part of his very large army. The church is located just to out of the village, closest to the castle, on top of a big hill. All families must attend, or they will be punished. The entire class is stood in a still image, grouped with the rest of their family group. The scene is set outside the church, with the door represented by a rectangular shape on the back curtain, made from masking tape. The only other scenery is a path walked into the grass, again, marked with masking tape. Stood to the left of the door is 'Kirar', stood with her arms folded, looking kind of angry. She is related to the Hollywell family, but outcasts her self from them, as she disagrees with their brothel. To the left of her is the Smith family, the local bakers, and then further away from the door is the rest of the Hollywells, who are talking, and rose, the brothel owner, is giving Edward, her rival, dirty looks. On the right closest to the church is the Heath family, who are the local god fearing family, and stand looking ready to go in, and have a 'holier then thou' attitude. Further up are the Broadmoores, my family, who owned the local tavern. Edward, the husband, is standing looking proud, with his arm around his wife's shoulders, and the wife is looking bored and biting her nails. The two kids are standing chatting, and looking like they don't want to be there. ...read more.


The priest takes objects from the sack, and places them in front of her. The objects are those described in task two. The priest speaks out to the people "there is a witch among you" which causes most people to look scared, or shocked, with the exception of Kirar, and Victoria Hollywell, the tavern owners wife, who remain unfazed. The priest continues to tell the village that they will not be allowed to enter until the witch has been found. The two Broadmoore family children look really happy and dance, as they hate church, but this promotes suspicion in the priest, and at the same time, Victoria is trying to slip away quietly, but is being restrained by Edward (the Tavern owner/father) who struggles with her, but is forced to let her go when the priest comes over to ask why he does not have control over his family, and why they are so pleased that there is witch craft, Kirar also slips away, but no one notices. Reflection: After this the students went into groups, to mark the moment using whatever explorative strategy they wished to show what they thought the significant moments were, and the most used moment was Victoria Broadmoore skulking away, as everyone noticed this. My group showed that scene, through a series of still images. We choose the ones we thought showed that part of the scene best, starting from Edward holding Victoria tight as she tries to struggle away, The priest yelling at Edward for not having control over his family, whilst Victoria escapes, and the two children dancing around. This series of images shows why the Broadmoores get a lot of suspicion around them, and why later on in the drama, Edward refuses to talk to the family. Session two and three The 'Crying Out' The crying out is the final part of the drama, where a young girl collapses in the road, and the two girls nearby who try to help her, are proclaimed witches, and arrested then put on trial. ...read more.


(Crosscut to McLain family) 6th Scene Sarah: I'm a witch, I'm a witch. Mother: You're a witch?!?!?! [Can't believe what her daughter is telling her and is shocked that her daughter would do such a thing.] (Cross cut back to the dining table) 7th Scene Child: What's going to happen about those whores? Nana: They'll get their comeuppance. (Cross cut back to the McLain family) 8th Scene Mother: (Grabs Sarah's wrist and drags her up) I'm taking you to the Priest [The mother sees the child as evil, and no longer cares for her, she sees it as more important then her own flesh and blood] (Drags her to the priest) (Lights down black out characters change) 9th Scene Sarah: (Kneeling at the front of the Church) Priest: (Lighting candles, notices Sarah, puts his hand on her Shoulder) what is it my child? Sarah: (mutters quietly) I'm a witch. Priest: What was that? [The priest isn't really paying attention to the girl; he thinks she is unimportant] Sarah: (Stands up) I'm a witch! (collapses to the floor) Priest: (Jumps back) say that again my child (Shaking) [The priest is now listening, and is now scared of the girl] Sarah: I'm a witch; I'm a witch (muttered) (Lights down black out characters change) 10th Scene Judge: We are gathered here today to witness the trial of Sarah McLain Accused of witchcraft in this village on January 28th... Nana: (Looks shocked, interrupts) how can she be on trial when there are disrespectful whores in our village? [This shows Nana heaths hatred of the whores, and her firm belief that it is them causing the witchcraft] Mary: ('Whore' stands with her hands on her hips looking shocked and annoyed, huffs) Judge: Who gives you the right to speak? (Points) Nana: The Lord did! I can't stand here and let that poor child take the blame when they (pointing) stand there causing trouble in the village, they're evil! Judge: Then leave! (Nana leaves unwillingly) Judge: Sarah McLain do you plead guilty or not guilty? Sarah: (falls to her knees) I'm a witch! ...read more.

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