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Eating Disorders

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Christy Nomany Mrs. Eatmon English 300 Eating Disorders Imagine a fifteen-year-old girl who weighs 70 pounds because she is starving herself. Every single time she takes a glance in the mirror, she sees herself as fat. Picture her mom and dad watching their daughter literally disappearing into thin air. This is the life of a family dealing with an eating disorder. Eating disorders is a serious problem with the young people in the world today. Why is it that people develop eating disorders? There is no simple explanation. People with eating disorders are intensely preoccupied with food, weight, and appearance, jeopardizing their health and adversely affecting relationships. Eating disorders can affect children as well as older adults but mainly affects adolescent females. ...read more.


People suffering from anorexia nervosa have led tragic lives and one of the difficult aspects of anorexia nervosa is that there is no simple medical treatment such as a drug or an operation. Treatment has developed empirically based on clinical observation of what works. I believe a person with anorexia nervosa becomes a way of life with no end point. The other classical disorder is Bulimia nervosa which is binge eating followed by purging. Binging consist of eating large quantities of food and often foods that are high in calories. Usually, this eating is done secretively and can occur for years without others being aware of it. Purging regularly occurs through self-induced vomiting, but may also include laxative abuse, diuretic abuse which is a water pill, fasting, and excessive exercise. ...read more.


We can all agree that when something is taken away or is unattainable, we tend to want and need it more. Eating disorders often begin with a diet. A person with low-esteem tries to feel better by dieting to look slimmer and this is probably because of the public ideal of slender for women, lean and muscular for men. Sometimes dieting gets out of control and the dieter feels that thin is never thin enough and continues to not eat, firmly convinced that they are fat, even at a low body weight. Eating disorders attempt to regulate mood. Obsessive thoughts about food, weight, and appearance increase as the eating disorder intensifies. These things may be treated with anti-depressant or other appropriate medications. Although medications can be helpful, they do have side effects and not all patients can tolerate them. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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