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Economic Equilibrium is Unamerican

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Mitch Edelson US History 5/20/10 Economic Equilibrium is Un-American We should be happy that we live in a country where you can get a job based on your qualifications not your skin color. Even though this is true, there is a large rift between the resources of blacks and whites in this country. It is harder for blacks to get loans than whites. Blacks earn five times less income than whites. Some would suggest that we provide an advantage to blacks to help level the playing field. This policy is racist and is not the solution to the problem. ...read more.


The wealth gap divides us even more, not only are we divided by race but also by resources. Its easy to blame racism for this problem but it goes deeper. The problem is that when in poverty it is very hard to get out. So of course the wealth gap is growing because of the difficulty to rise above the poverty line and like the old saying says "the rich get richer". Affirmative action is not the way to close the wealth gap; it would do much more harm than good. Affirmative action is designed to end discrimination and unfair treatment of employees/students based on color, but it in effect does the opposite. ...read more.


It is condescending and insulting to imply that minorities cannot achieve their goals through hard work and ability. Changes to our system need to be made. More money should be spent on education of the not just minorities but on the poor. They should receive education about good finance. The study referred to in the news story, also says blacks are more likely to make poor investment discussions. There should be more tax cuts and maybe even grants to poor people who are trying to move up economically. We need to close the wealth gap in this country. But we need to do so responsibly, we can't make thing more unequal. We can't turn to affirmative action because it would only make things worse. The real change needs to happen in our social and economic system. ...read more.

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