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Effective Communcation

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Effective communication P1:What communication means is interacting with another person which is called one to one which means one person talking to another person without anyone else joining in for example a doctor speaking to his patient about confidential matters. Or with a group communication is more complicated than one to one communication because there are more people to think about and some people will talk louder and more often than other and also there is the topic which is getting talked about and if everyone is interested in it and also if everyone has a chance to speak but there is other types of communication as well. Communicating is a way of passing on information for example in a nursing home at the end of a shift one of the carers will have to do a hand over which is when they will tell the carer which has just came everything which has happened so far in that day like what all the resident have done and if there was any accidents or problems and also what needs to be done. ...read more.


a person who you work and to show respect so for an example something like " good after noon how are you feeling today". Informal is communication which will be use between friends, family and people you see often for example peers form school and it is some usually like "hi are you ok". Informal will used on a day to day basis and different people have their own informal language between friends but also area will have their own ways of saying to people for example in the northern part o England instead of saying hello they say a'up and in Scotland the say we instead of little. P2:There are different theory about communication and one of the is communication cycle which was made up by a theorist called Michael Argyle was born 11 August 1925 in Nottingham and died 6 September 2002 and he was one of the best known English Social psychologists Of the twentieth century. He spent most of his career at the University of Oxford and worked on many things. ...read more.


Then there is the norming stage and in this stage the group has a better understand of one another and agree on more things and they will make big decision as a group also the group will discuss thing and the whole group respect the team leader and everyone knows their own roles and responsibly within the group. The final part of the stages is performing which is when the group knows and understands the group and what the goal is and the group will all feel the same way about completing the goal and there is not much disagreements within the group but if there is then the group leader will make adjustment also the group member will work as one and look after each other. M1: What I think about communication is that it is important to speak in to somebody in nice tone of voice because it makes it easier for someone to understand and especially if someone cannot understand at is being said for example if they came from another part of the country and had a different way of talking that will affect Michael Argyle communication cycle because they will not be able to decode the message because they will not understand it. ...read more.

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