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effects of daycare on coginitve and devlopment

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Priya Ambikai-Palan Discuss the effects of day care on social and cognitive development? Daycare is when an infant is put in to an institution like a nursery or a child-minder looks after the infant because the parents are working. ...read more.


Cognitive development refers to the growth of cognitive functions, such as thinking, reasoning and linguistic skills. Scarr 1998 experiment concluded that children from low-income families' benefit from high-quality day care. The children showed better school achievements and were sociable. ...read more.


The findings showed that the cognitive ability of those children who started day care earlier was lower than that of the later starters Clarke-steward, 1991 found 150 2-4 year olds who had experiment day-care centers had better intellectual and social development, then children who had received home care. Social development refers to the growth of the child's ability to form relationships with others and to acquire a level of independence. ...read more.

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