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Effects of pollution on my client

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The Effects of Pollution on my Client Types of pollution: * Air pollution * Water pollution * Waste and litter * Noise Air pollution Clean air is essential to our survival as it supplies us with the oxygen that we need to live. Air pollution can cause smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect and 'holes' in the ozone layer. Air pollution can be caused by particles been released into the air from burning fuels. The exhaust from burning fuels in cars, homes and industry are major sources of air pollution. Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and chemical vapours are all toxic gases and affect our standard of air. ...read more.


The main source of fresh water pollution is from discharge of untreated waste, dumping of industrial effluent and run-off from fertilisers from agricultural fields. In more urban areas water can be contaminated from leaking water joints and broken sewage pipes. Exposure to water pollution can cause: * Diarrhoea * Skin irritation * Respiration problems and other diseases. The symptoms depend on what kind of pollution is continued in the water. In the UK we add chemicals such as chlorine and fluorine to the water. These help disinfect the water. Waste and litter Discarded rubbish leads to the spread of diseases, it also attracts flies, rats and vermin. Although bubonic plague hasn't occurred for over 200 years, rats still carry diseases that are harmful to humans. ...read more.


Noise can also affect us if we live near a busy road or airport. Noise can make us feel irritable, this can also affect the people around us because we become short tempered. Therefore this can also result in loosing friends, which in turn can result in social isolation that also affects our emotional well being. My client does not live near any factories. She lives in an urban part of Lanchester so isn't affected by any extra air pollution or noise. She lives in private grounds so she only has to live around her family's litter and waste but they are very tidy so she does not suffer from litter pollution either. The only way she would be affected by water pollution would be if there were problems within the village. ...read more.

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