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ethics essay

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Sean Gilman Ethics in America When is slapping a minor in a public location considered immoral? If you witness this incident do you get involved? It is hard to know what is considered unethical or not because different people have different perspectives on what is considered child abuse. Is it right to intrude in other people's private manners? If you do intervene will it make matters worse? How would a parent slapping a child in public affect the community? These are things that should be taken into consideration. Is it right to intrude in other people's private matters? Whether or not people intervene depends on how severe the child is being slapped or beaten. ...read more.


If an intervention occurs will it make matters worse? If the bystander does eventually intervene in the situation, there is a possibility that it could make matters worse. No one knows whether the parent will follow the bystander out of the store and pulls out a knife. Parents don't usually like other people telling them how to raise their own kid. On the other hand, the parent of the child might not act that way and acknowledge what they did was wrong. How would a parent slapping a child in public affect the community? In a small community this could be really big. ...read more.


In conclusion, knowing whether it is right or not to intervene in a situation that you are not particularly involved is a judgment call that should be made on what you believe is child abuse or not. If you do intervene, you put yourself in a situation where the situation could get worse. How slapping a child in public affects the community varies from place to place. In some places, everyone in the community is closely linked and everyone finds out every piece of news there is. In other communities (usually bigger ones) not everyone is connected like in smaller communities so private information is not leaking out to everyone in the community. Basically different people have different views on child abuse and this whole situation depends on where you stand in the issue of child abuse. ...read more.

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