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Experiencing Maturity.

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Experiencing Maturity What is maturing? Is it believing in different things, or is it a way that you are supposed to act. Maturing can be a guideline in your life where you can say, "ok I'm 21 years old, I am in college and I need to act this way", but for some it does not really work like that. For some people, staying young and immature is what they want to do, that's why sometimes you catch yourself judging a person by how they act. I believe you choose your friends or the group in which you hang out with by how they relate to you, and if they have the same kind of thinking pattern. I feel maturing is a great way to choose the path in where you want to go. ...read more.


After about a week of talking and thinking it through my dad said it would be a good experience for me to get use to being away from home, since I will be going to college when I turn twenty-one. I was off to Calgary and right there and than I knew I was on my own and would have to take care of my self now. Freedom, if used wrong can ruin a lot of things. I was in Calgary living on my own now. I went out, spent as much money as I want, stayed out until I wanted to and pretty much partied all my money away. When rent day came along I was broke, this was a big shock to me but I thought no worries I will tell the landlord I will be a week late. ...read more.


I used a lot of my parent's tactics to get through living on my own. I used my moms cooking skills, and my dad's problem solving skills. This helped me mature by giving me a path to follow and showing me ways to make every day life a little easier. I now realized that I can do this on my own if I just put a little thought into it. After knowing I can handle life on my own, I knew I was ready to go to college, and gain an education. After moving to Calgary and living on my own I look back on the experience of living on my own and I laugh and I learn, but most importantly I matured to a certain level and according to my sister I have to mature a little more. ...read more.

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