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Explain the context, concept, lessons and recommendations from the Norsk Hydro's Utkal Venture case study with examples from other mining companies.

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NORSK HYDRO'S Explain the context, concept, lessons and recommendations from the Norsk Hydro's Utkal Venture case study with examples from other mining companies. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report defines mining related conflicts between mining companies and local communities using corporate social responsibilities and Ethical models using examples from Norsk Hydro Utkal Venture in India and other benchmark companies. The report begins by explaining corporate social responsibility. The report then describes mining industry overview and globalization drivers of mining industry. The report then describes some ethics and corporate social responsibility pro-organization & mining impact on external environment. The reports then analyze mining industry by using different models of corporate social responsibility and Ethics. The report then conclude that there is much learning to be done by mining companies, and that they should acknowledge and confront their CSR challenges in an honest and transparent manner Finally the report then tells how mining industry can develop a best practice model by using Harvard model, Stakeholder analysis and offer some actionable recommendations. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Introduction & Context 4 2.Findings 6 Globalization Drivers Of Mining Industry 6 Mining Impact On External Environment 7 Corporate Social Responsibility And Stakeholders 8 Ethical Analysis 10 Utilitarianism 10 Ethical Relativism 11 Ethical Absolutism 11 Corruption And Bribery 12 Environmental Impact & Health & Safety Issue 12 3.Summary Of Issues 13 4.Recommendations 14 5.References 17 6.Bibliography 19 7.Appendix 20 1. INTRODUCTION & CONTEXT Mining related conflicts have become a permanent feature in many developing countries, where conflicts between mining companies and local community leads to violence, cultural issues, green issues, human rights issues, ethical issues and above all the violation of corporate social responsibility. In recent years mining companies have come under tremendous pressure from different organization in developing a global corporate social responsibility as part of their global business strategy. This report addresses by investigating corporate social responsibility policies in Norsk Hydro Utkal Aluminium international project in Orissa, India, followed by ethical analysis, cultural analysis. ...read more.


� Market Line http://0-dbic.datamonitor.com.lispac.lsbu.ac.uk/ ( accessed on 16th Feb.) Websites: � www.hydro.com (accessed on 16th Feb.) � http://philosophy.lander.edu (accessed on 27th Feb.) Case Study: � Norsk Hydro Utkal Venture Case Study, Gooderham P. & Nordhaug O., International Maangement Cross-Boundary challenges (2003), Blackwell publishing TOTAL WORD COUNT: 2,334 6. BIBLIOGRAPHY Websites: � http://www.newmont.com (accessed on 06th March) � CorpWatch, www.corpwatch.org (accessed on 16th Feb.) � Norwatch, www.norwatch.no/index.php (accessed on 16th Feb.) � Mining news, http://www.theminingnews.org/ (accessed on 27th Feb.) � Corporate Social Responsibility news wire http://www.csrwire.com/ (accessed on 27th Feb.) � The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) www.wbcsd.ch/ (accessed on 16th Feb.) � Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , www.oecd.org/ (accessed on 16th Feb.) � International Business Leaders Forum - IBLF, www.iblf.org/ (accessed on 16th Feb.) � International Institute for Environment and Development, http://www.iied.org/ (accessed on 16th Feb.) 7. APPENDIX APPENDIX-1 NEWMONT Mining company Social Responsibility Policy Newmont is an international mining company, primarily producing gold. The company has active operations, explorations and projects in North and South America, Central Asia, Australasia, Europe, and West Africa. Newmont's future is dependent on its ability to develop, operate and close mines consistent with our commitment to sustainable development, protection of human life, health, the environment, and to adding value to the communities in which we operate. To realize these commitments, every Newmont operation will: * Develop and use systems to identify and manage risks, and provide accurate information to support effective decision making; * Train our people and provide the resources to meet our social responsibility objectives and targets; * Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its business operations; * Respect the social, economic and cultural rights of indigenous people; * Adopt policies and standards and operating practices that ensure ongoing improvement; * Wherever appropriate and feasible, set operating standards that exceed the requirements of the local law; * Assess our performance against our policies and standards. ...read more.


* Training and Competencies: HSLP will establish and maintain a common guidance to training and competencies for HSLP positions, the Safety Team, senior and general management and mentoring program support. * Technical Advisory Support: HSLP staff will provide the service of HSLP technical advisory support for internal stakeholders and interact with external stakeholders, such as peer industry, universities and government agencies. * Information Management System: HSLP will establish a central Information Management System with global access to current HSLP information. Key elements of this system include collection, analyses and reporting of consolidated global HSLP data and research information for advisory reports. * Assurance: HSLP will provide assurance to required corporate programs through independent assessments, with a focus on HSLP practices and, when appropriate, Rapid Response activities. Policy Statements 1. Newmont will identify health and safety exposures and hazards with the potential for injury and illness. 2. Newmont will adhere to Newmont Safety Principles, which includes health and safety leadership in all our people. 3. Newmont will implement and maintain a health and safety management system that identifies, assesses and controls health and safety risks. 4. Newmont will identify measurable objectives and targets that will drive the continuous improvement necessary to pursue an injury-free workplace. 5. Newmont will comply with relevant and applicable statutory and other requirements. 6. Newmont will promote positive behaviors to achieve superior HSLP performance. 7. Newmont will be reviewed by internal and external sources to ensure that the HSLP organizational goals are being achieved through conformance and compliance. 8. Newmont will publicly report its HSLP performance 1 Hydro & datamonitor website 2 JOHNSON,G. & SCHOLES, K (1999) Exploring Corporate Strategy, Prentice Hall Europe 3 Darryl Reed, "Resource Extraction Industries in Developing Countries," Journal of Business Ethics 39, no. 3 (2002): 201. 4 Amy Rosenfeld Sweeting and Andrea Clarke, Lightening the Lode: A Guide to Responsible Large-Scale Mining, Conservation International (2000): 9 5 Sprinlink database, The case of Rio Tinto 6 Datamonitor database: Norsk Hydro Company Profile 7 Norsk Hydro Utkal Venture Case Study 8 http://philosophy.lander.edu ?? (footnote continued) 2 21 ...read more.

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