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Explain the main principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for health and social care environment.

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P5- Describe the main principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for health and social care environments. M4- Explain the main principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for health and social care environment. Manual handling operations regulation: this legislation is made to avoid the hazards that are related to the manual handling and to reduce the risk of getting injured during the work. Injuries can occurs wherever the people are working for e.g. building, hospitals, warehouse, offices and banks. In the other hand considering the risk form manual handling to the health and safety for the employees the manager have to ensure that the employees understand clearly the safety step for manual handling to reduce the risk that can happen to them at the workplace. Also they have to know the kind of risk that they can face at the work placement, so they can be prepared and know how to solve or control the risk that can happen to them when they are pushing, lifting, and carrying. Also employers have to make sure that they understand clearly the safety step to reduce the risk that can happen to them at the workplace. ...read more.


* You must know how to exposure to the substance is controlled. * You must know the type of work being done. Health and safety at work act (HASWA) (1974): Is legislation is made to apply all work situations and it covers employers at work or anyone. The meaning of this legislation is to provide a safe environment for the all employees and employers, so they can work without any fears. Employers responsibilities is to plan safety and security workplace, providing information about the safety and security at work and updating with five or more employees. Although they must shared the responsibilities with work peers e.g. safety of individual being care for and safety of the working environment. The employers responsibilities is to correct the system that they using and procedures, reporting flaws or gaps within the system or procedure when in use and taking reasonable care of themselves and other people affected by their work and cooperating with employers in the discharge of their obligation. To provide or avoid the risks that can happen to the employers: * Employers must be providing a safe workplace so they is no risk that can face them when they working and they must ensure that there is safe access to and from the workplace. ...read more.


Although any injury at work including minor injuries should be recorded in your employers accident book, also the employers that accepted for a small companies must keep there accident book. Recording accident helps the employers to know what going wrong and take the correct step that risk their life's or harm it. Although this legislation made am injuries claim and that because to if the employers get injured and the workplace that his or her working at think that is there fault, so the workplace they working at have to make a claim compensation, so they must insured that they covered a successfully claim and If the employers had anther accident in there workplace the company must make sure: * That they record the injuries in the recording book. * Check your contract or written statement of employment for information about sick or accident pay. If the employers his or her fault Where to get help if the employers? The Health and Safety Executive is a government executive agency. There job is to protect people against risks to health or safety arising out of work activities can face them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hanan Jama BTEC National Health & Social Care Group 2 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

There is some useful information included within this report regarding health and safety at work which is a strength of the assignment. However the report should include much more depth and it should be linked in to health and social care settings. The report is very general and could be written about any work establishment. The descriptions are fine regarding health and safety but the explanations are weak. ***

Marked by teacher Michelle Turrell 26/06/2013

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