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Explaining the Importance of promoting equality

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Explaining the importance of promoting equality, recognizing diversity and respecting rights in health and care settings. To explain the important of promoting equality, recognising diversity and respecting rights in health and social care, I first need to explain the meaning of each word. Equality The meaning behind this word is basically 'all people have the same value'. This does not mean that we should be treating all people in the same way -we need to recognise and value diversity. Diversity The word diversity is often used to describe neighbourhoods or communities, who have differences in their backgrounds and lifestyles. It is used to describe ethnic or racial differences, age, gender, religions, physical and mental health and many other differences. ...read more.


With so many different people living in and around us, we must be diverse, to give proper care. Staff in care settings need and must value diversity and not give favourable treatment to certain groups of people at the expense of those whom they hold prejudices against. Care workers can actively promote equality and individual rights in health and social care by treating everyone equally regardless of their colour, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation disability etc, different people have different needs, so individuality should be taken into account. Rights The Rights of clients in a health and social care setting are some of the following: * Protection of Life * Freedom from inhuman treatment * Right to respect for privacy * Freedom of expression * Freedom of thought, conscience and religion Below you will find a table with ...read more.


individual or group of people Empowerment A process that enables one to gain power, authority and influence over others Independence Free from control Interdependence Dependent on each other Racism Abusive or aggressive language or behaviour based on the believe that some races are superior to others Sexism Abusive or aggressive language or behaviour based on the believe that one sex is superior to the other Homophobia Abusive or aggressive language or behaviour directed towards people who are not heterosexual Conclusion In my opinion Equality and Diversity are not just minority issues, everyone is affected, and as we become more global, we are becoming more diverse. Equality and Diversity are both important and must be approached together. If you can treat people with respect, not prejudge them then we can get to know them, work together for the better. ...read more.

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