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Factors contributing to Well-being

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GNVQ-Health and Social Care (Part1) Intermediate Unit B/2 Assessment Assignment Task 1- When a person talks about health it means the general conditions of the body or mind, especially in terms of the presence or absence of illnesses, injuries or impairments. This doesn't, on the other hand, (to some people) mean that if you are sick and ill, you are unhealthy (having a bad health). To some people health is about the abilities of someone, like what they can do and not do. For example, walk, run, ride a bike around the town center etc, can mean to some people that you are healthy and well. Some people can refer health as, fitness, diet, getting regular check-ups or getting your shots etc. There are lots of different meanings to health, so there are lots of different answers, but when I hear health, I think about diseases, sort of food you eat, the way your body looks, how active you are etc. Well-being is the when you feel good, healthy or in a comfortable state. Basically, the way you feel about yourself. If a person feels good about themselves, they think about everything the positive way and have confidence in doing what they believe in. ...read more.


They can be found in food such as cheese, butter, oily fish, milk, carrots etc. Vitamin D is needed for strong bones and teeth. It also aids in the absorption of minerals. They are found in food such as foods containing fats. Vitamin E is needed to keep the skin supple and elastic. They can be found in food such as vegetable oils, whole meal bread, rice, eggs, etc. And Vitamin K is needed to promote clotting of the blood when bleeding. Like a shield. They can be found in food such as liver, fresh green vegetables etc. e. Minerals- they are needed to build and repair certain tissues and for control of body functions. They are found in basic chemical elements such as calcium and iron. Calcium can be found in milk, ice cream, cheese, white bread etc. Iron can be found in red meat, egg yolk, liver, green vegetables etc. f. Fiber- this doesn't contain nutrients, but is very essential in the digestive system. Fiber is found in such food, as vegetables, fruit, whole meal bread etc. Without fiber, our diet can turn out into constipation and poor digestion. ...read more.


And you have difficulty seeing and hearing. This is important, especially for a teenager because we need the sleep after a long time in school, and after being stressed out and tired. It helps us concentrate more in class. VII. Recreational Activities: Going out and having fun is an important thing in every life stage. It takes all your problems away and helps you relax and also helps you to learn what the values of life are. It's a good way for forgetting problems that has been getting to you. VIII. Friends: We all have and need friends. They are their top support and love us back. They are there to listen and help during problems. Choosing your friends can be very hard, when you move into a new area, you talk to who ever talks to you. Having bad friends, can influence you into the bad things in life and they some how always encourage you into doing the bad things, like not studying for an important test, stealing or having attitude problems. It also depend in the environment, if you live in a bad environment there is likely to be rough and troubling making groups. IX. Exercise: When you exercise, this contributes to good health and well-being. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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