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Factors influencing self-concept. Within Marions case study, I have found that education factor influenced Marions self-concept. I think this because Marions is lacking confidence

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Factor of self-concept. Education: � Your self-concept is strongly influenced by school. � You mix with other people and compare yourself to them � Success or failure at school has an effect on self esteem � Learn ideas that help you to understand your life and that of others � Friendships boost self esteem as it shows people want to be your friend � The expectations of teachers influence your success or failure - Students expected to do well often perform better than those not. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Apperance- * The important thing is we feel positive about the way we look. We can easily develop a negative self-image and this can lead to a lack of confidence or to feel depressed about our relationships with other people. ...read more.


Gender: * Gender affects the type of employment we go for. * Women are more likely to interrupt their careers to look after children. Culture: * Different cultures have different views of what is normal or right and wrong. * Different people have different ways of thinking. Your family may have different beliefs and expectations from other families and communities. E.g., Muslims families believe that you are to be 'Purity' this means that you are not to touch alcohol, Gambling, Drugs, and not eating Pork. * People with a strong religious belief may teach their children that sex before marriage is wrong. * People from ethnic group are more likely to live in an bigger family Sexual Orientation: * This is a big part of a person's self-concept, especially to those who are homosexual. ...read more.


With Marion, feeling like a failure the effects of this is causing Marion to have low self-esteem. 'Students who expect to do well often will this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.' In addition, within the education factor I think that Marion has never felt like she has fitted in. She might be feeling this because within school you compare yourself to other peers in your group. So from this Marion might be feeling on having a negative image because she is not getting the correct response of a peer showing any signs of wanting a friendship. This is why Marion is lacking in self-esteem, self-esteem is boasted by friendship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Baker Unit 8 M2 ...read more.

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