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Factors That Affect Individual Needs

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Factors That Effect Individual Needs Socio-economic Factors Income This gives people the money that they need to support them self and their families. When I say support I mean providing the essentials for their families which are needs and not what they want. These include clothes, food/drink, housing and bills. The more income that someone gets the more essentials they are able to afford. A good income can help people to keep a stable life style. They will be able to afford healthier foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables instead of processed foods. They are able to participate in leisure activities such as swimming in their own pool, exercising in their own gym or relaxing on a golf course. ...read more.


Education is a benefit to anyone and everyone; you can't get enough education the more the better in anyone's eyes. School teaches people from basic to higher level education in a number of different areas e.g. maths, English, science, physical education etc. Education provides individuals the knowledge to act a certain way in different circumstances, live a respectful life and fit in with others around them. There are different types of educational establishment's e.g. public schools, private schools and home schooling. Public schools are attended by the majority of working/middle class people. The education that is provided in public schools varies depending on what area someone lives in e.g. there are some schools that provide better education. ...read more.


There is clothing worn in different cultures that symbolize certain beliefs to that cultural belief. Muslims women wear head scarves and this is so that they are not exposing to much of them self to the public, Jewish people are not allowed to eat pork as this is seen as a dirty animal to their culture and catholic people have a tradition on good Friday which is a day celebrated in the catholic church not to eat meat. It is important that people feel they are free to practice their cultural beliefs. This could also include religions and people should be able to attend religious ceremonies and celebrations e.g. Shabbat. People should respect people's cultural needs like this e.g. in the work place and schools. Professionals who work in public sectors should be aware and automatically have the knowledge to understand and know when different cultural holidays take place. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This work examines the socio-economic factors that impact upon individuals. The factors identified were entirely appropriate and the writer demonstrates good understanding of how these factors can impact on needs. The work regarding education could be improved by making clear how education impacts upon people's life chances. The same goes for culture/religion. Try to use the correct terminology where appropriate eg. kosher / halal food. There are some grammatical errors which can be eliminated by careful proof-reading.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 16/04/2013

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