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Facts about Alcohol. Alcohol is a drug composed of ethanol; it has a quick affect on your mood.

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Alcohol 1. Alcohol is a drug composed of ethanol; it has a quick affect on your mood. It can lead to the damage of your liver. Alcohol is produced by yeast fermentation. 2. Wine has the most alcohol by volume. 3. Two examples of drinks that contain 1 unit of alcohol are: Half a standard glass (175ml) of wine and a pub measure of sherry, vermouth or liqueur. 4. You can calculate the number of units in a drink, by multiplying the amount of drink in millilitres by the percentage ABV, and then divide it by 1,000. 5. Vodka has a much higher alcohol content than wine, because it is made up of only water and ethanol, where as wine contains fruit, which dilutes some of the alcohol content. 6. ...read more.


It is also illegal to give alcohol to children under the age of 5. After the age of 5, they are allowed to drink alcohol, but only at home with adult supervision. You are allowed to be at a licensed premise, at 16, but you are not allowed to drink. 16-17 year olds are allowed to drink alcohol, but only with a meal, and they are accompanied with an adult. It is also illegal for anyone under 18 to buy alcohol at the bar of a pub. 9. The current government guidelines for the 'safe limits' and the amount of alcohol in units recommended for women is 2-3 units, and for men, its 3-4 units. ...read more.


12. Some of the errors that might get into a survey are: the person who is answering might lie about how much alcohol they consume. Or they might enter the wrong thing. 13. The units used to compare alcohol-related death rates are: deaths per 100,000 population. 14. Since 1991, the pattern in alcohol-related deaths is an increase. The age group that is most at risk are the teenagers. 15. There are annual campaigns against drink driving, because it is dangerous, it endangers the driver, his passengers and anyone on the road at the same time as him. 16. The best way to sober up after drinking is to take some exercise; the exercise will help you to wake up different parts of your body. Sleeping will give your body the rest it needs, and give it time to recover. ...read more.

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