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Family Values

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Alexandra McCoy Sept 30th, 2005 English 1201 Family Values Do you ever wonder what family values are? Being that there is no exact definition for family values the meaning varies. How a person perceives family values depends on their past situations and experiences. So who's to say what family values really are? Family values to me are families who are there for each other and love one another unconditionally and will do anything for another member in their family. In Richard Rodriguez's essay "Family Values" family values is standing by one another and accepting one another even if they have different ideas, beliefs or opinions about certain things. For example, in the beginning of the essay Richard Rodriguez is sitting in front of his parents' house in his car trying to decide the words to explain to his parents about being homosexual. ...read more.


Being a teenager, I always have different ideas and opinions from my mom ranging from my choice of boyfriends to what school I was deciding to go to. My mom never rejects my ideas or opinions and this makes it easier for me to discuss my problems with her because I know that even if she believes different from me she will always support my opinion and what I want to do in life. It helps me to believe in my self when I feel that times are getting hard. That's why I feel that parents should love their children unconditionally so their children can feel love and support and have someone to turn to when they feel they can't go on. Sometimes people are so caught up with the fast pace in America, that they forget about family and forget how hard it can be for people who have different beliefs from the majority. ...read more.


Then there's my home, where my parents don't drink, smoke and do not and will not allow me to do it, and I've never felt the need to because my parents don't do that and they show me other ways to solve my problems and other ways to have fun. I feel that sometimes we, as people, need to just stop and think about certain situations and how it maybe hard for someone else before we make prejudgments on another person. More parents in American need to realize that they have to pay more attention to their children and give them the time and attention that they need and to also realize that even though we give the impression that we aren't listening to them we really are. I feel that when people can learn to try and understand each other better that will solve some of the bigger situations in our country. ...read more.

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