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Fast food. Some examples of health problems that may occur from fast food is obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, kidney failure and many more.

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FAST FOOD INDUSTRY The fast food industry is growing rapidly and this is all happening because they attract more people by advertising in the media. The fast food industry is not also helping peoples health and financially. Fast Food industry is one of those companies that try to grab your attention in any way possible. Advertising is a main factor of the fast food industry. This is the reason that people go to MacDonald's, KFC and etc. The human brain works in such a sophisticated way that when you see the advertisement of Macdonald's example their chicken nuggets you might not realise what the effect that this advertisement has. ...read more.


These health problems could all occur from the fatty food that is sold from fast food restaurants. The chips from MacDonald's is deep fried in oil, this would increase the chances of having high cholesterol. Having a high cholesterol leads to heart failure or even a heart attack. This is proven by the movie Upsize me, which is about a man who eats Macdonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the end of that one month off eating MacDonald's and nothing else he had many problems including high cholesterol, kidney failure and obesity. Having problems such as these may also affect a person's life socially and financially. ...read more.


One major problem with fast food restaurants is the quality of the food. All of the fast food outlets like to achieve one thing and that thing is the quality of their food. This is the reason for their appearance. Even though they have to deep fry their food they would do anything to make their customers happy, even if it means to make them obese. Fast food industries are not a good thing to have in our society. Some people might think that it is a good thing to have in our society but they thinks that it is okay to eat it in moderation and not frequently like some that do. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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