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For visit 2 I am going to attend Bradleys first birthday party.

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Visit 2

Date: ......... September

Time: 2-6pm

Place: his Nan’s house (Bradley’s party)


For visit 2 I am going to attend Bradley’s first birthday party. I am
invited anyway so there won't be a problem organising for me to go.
Bradley is 1 on the ...........of September but his birthday is on the
Saturday. Bradley will be playing on the trampoline safety for a while, having
dinner and then trying to blow out his candles. I will ask Bradley’s Mum if I
can carry out a few activities with him and his friends. This visit
plan will help me observe of Bradley’s physical development.

I will arrive to the party around 2.30pm so Bradley is very
involved in playing on the trampoline. After Bradley has had his dinner
I will carry out the first activity with him, let him try to blow out his
candles. The first activity is called the ‘dancing game’
this is a quite simple game so it lets the kids to just freestyle
I will watch to see who the best dancer is and they will get a sweet if they win.

After this game when Bradley and his friends have had a bit of free play
I will do the second game. I will ask some of the older children to help me to teach the children how to play duck duck GOOSE!!! Once the children have understood I will join in with Bradley and see how he chases the other children and to see how his balancing is. I will
observe Bradley for 10 minutes after the game and then say goodbye.


Throughout Bradley's party I expect him to be very happy as he is around
everyone he loves and knows very well

Physical Development

I expect Bradley to be very active throughout his party. On the trampoline
I expect him to be bouncing slightly and enjoying himself                                                                                  as he is a very active child. He should be 'running' about quite a lot. He should find the
games very easy as I made them both very active as he loves doing
things like this. hopeful for the mum I have tired him out.

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