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Cathy Rowlands 24th may 2008 Good hygiene practices Children's immune systems are still developing and they are prone to picking up infections and becoming ill. By using good hygiene practices you can minimise the chances of a child becoming ill. To avoid infection Always wash hands after using the toilet (ensure children know how to wash and dry hands correctly), changing nappies, handling animals and before preparing food Used nappies should be double bagged before being disposed of. Soiled clothing should be rinsed if possible (disinfecting sink etc afterwards) and double bagged for the parent to take home and wash -parent should be notified of what is on the clothing. Cover mouths when coughing and sneezing, tissues should be disposed of in the bin -and not placed back into pockets. Use disposable gloves when dealing with cuts and grazes, and cover them if appropriate. ...read more.


Freeze foods below minus 18 degrees centigrade. * Cooking - keep hot food above 63 degrees centigrade. Reheat only once to above 82 degrees centigrade. Cook food just before it is to be eaten. * Contamination: raw and cooked foods must be kept apart. Use different clean and disinfected equipment and boards for preparing these foods. * Cleaning - wash your hands properly using hot water and soap. For food equipment and work surfaces use detergents to remove grease. Use disinfectants to reduce bacteria to a safe level. Temperature control It is recommended that you provide a thermometer in all chilled and frozen storage units and regularly check the temperatures remain at or below 8�C for chilled foods and around -18�C for frozen foods. It is also recommended that you make regular checks of your equipment for storing cold foods to ensure it is working correctly and you keep a written record of your checks. ...read more.


Detergents or degreasers are required to clean items or areas that are greasy or oily. These materials do not kill bacteria. Disinfectants should be used on surfaces that come into contact with food or hands, and must be of a food safe type. They kill bacteria but do not have cleaning properties. It is important to clean items or areas with detergent before using disinfectants. Care must be taken with the use of cleaning materials. The manufacturers instructions must always be followed. Lighting and ventilation There must be suitable and sufficient lighting and ventilation provided within the kitchen. Waste There must be adequate arrangements in place for the disposal of food waste and other refuse. Lidded, readily cleansable bins must be provided and the waste should be regularly removed from the kitchen and stored so as to not attract Pests. Pest control You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent food pests, namely rats, birds, mice, cockroaches and flying insects gaining entry into food storage and preparation areas. This is to prevent the contamination of foodstuffs. . ...read more.

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