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Health and Safety risk analysis for a nursery.

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RISK ASSESMENT: OBSERVATION CHECKLIST. SETTING: NUSERY CODING: 1 HIGH 2 MEDIUM 3 LOW A Risk Assessment is a follow through method of looking at work activities, every work area must be assessed considering what could go wrong, and deciding on suitable control measures to prevent loss, damage or injury in the workplace. The Assessment should include the controls required to eliminate, reduce or minimize the risks. The risk assessment would categories the items involved and attempt to see where the potential risk/harm that may occur. HAZARD 1 2 3 OBSERVATION food * Food left on the floor * Kids not washing hands * Adult not washing hands * Temperature of the food. ...read more.


* Child could get run down * Stranger could walk in * Child could get kidnapped * Child could get bitten by an animal wet floors in the toilets * Child slips * Child can get concussion * No wet floor sign put up * Staff fails to clean the floor * Bacteria build up on floor Sand thrown about * Gets into child eyes * Child puts it in he/her mouth * Contains silica which can cause cancer * Chokes on the sand * Throws it at another child. * Child might be allergic * Child skin is irritated Unattended children * Slipping on the floor * Exposed electrical socket * Access to chemical products if not secured away * Might escape to the outdoors * Fall down a climbing frame. ...read more.


this act states that the employer ensures the safety and welfare of all employees in any work activity by protecting other against risk to health and also the safety of any one who is affected by work activities which is the kids. overall my bar chart shows that medium is the highest, this is okay seeing as the nursery is not a major risk factor recommend the nursery to be more aware of the kids where about and what they are doing and should always be with the kids all the time .and also to be more aware of the health safety issues surrounding the nursery area. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephany elo owah ...read more.

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