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BTEC GNVQ HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE MEETING THE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUAL Introduction For this assignment I have been asked to explore the care needs of an individual in a care setting, explain methods of assessment and choose one that will suit the individual in that particular care setting. I will describe my role in his/her care and how am going to provide the best possible care informed by the care value base. I have chosen a nursing home as my care setting. I have based my assignment on my own case study whereby I will be considering an individuals physical, intellectual, emotional and social need (PIES). In order to work effectively and provide the best care for my client, am going to work to the following guidelines: I will be observing the methods of assessment based on the client's needs and see that facilities can be used to meet his needs. I will identify the factors that can influence care delivery and continuously monitor the effectiveness of the care given. CASE STUDY Mr G is a 68 year old, clinically overweight Muslim man, who lives with his wife M. He has been living in England for 45 years, he is originally from Pakistan. The couple had been married for 32 years and have only one daughter-Anne who lives abroad with her husband and child. For the last three years of his retirement, Mr G has been suffering from chronic arthritis. This has mainly affected his fingers causing him great distress in day to day activities. He has had to rely heavily on his wife for simple things such as brushing teeth, hair, and bathing. Five months ago, Mr G was hospitalised with symptoms of chronic fatigue, difficulty in starting and then stopping urination. Initially, Mr G thought it was merely old age but after extensive medical examinations, it was revealed that Mr G had a tumour in his prostate. ...read more.


Due to his mobility being restricted, he is going to need help with his bathing and general movements. He will therefore be provided with moving and lifting equipment such as a hoist, a lifting handle, a transfer board, a table and a bath lift. Mr G's heart condition would have to be monitored, in order to prevent it from getting any worse. This would be done through frequent exercise and a proper healthy balanced diet. (i.e. less fat and low cholesterol food). He also needs a regular visit to the optician because of his bad eye sight, and would be assisted in his reading by a carer. This would ensure that he keeps up to date with current affairs. As a result of less interaction with other people, Mr G lost his self-confidence, in order for him to regain his self- confidence; he must attend social gatherings such as, discos, parties, bingo, etc. These types of gatherings will allow him to meet and interact with people in a group and also on a one to one basis. Along with this he will have regular sessions with the in-house therapist. In not restricting the activities Mr G can undertake, but rather making sure that all services are accessible by him we would be adhering to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. This act is designed to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. It ensures that disabled people are not treated less favourably than non-disabled people. My Role As a care assistant provided by the private Health and social care firm "Angie's Care for the infirm (ACI), I would be assisting Mr G with day to day social care and meeting his daily comforts. I will make sure that all the recommendations agreed to by Mr G, his specialist doctors; GP and therapist in the care plan are adhered to. The care plan for Mr G is outlined in the care plan sheet as shown. ...read more.


All his complaints will be noted and used to asses how the care being provided can be improved. With regards to his prostate cancer, regular monitoring by the local hospital will be kept to ensure that the tumour does not grow/spread. Conclusion Looking back at the introduction, it is quite clear that the main guidelines which I proposed to stick to, namely to; * Assess * Plan * Implement and * Monitor/evaluate The assessment of Mr G was carried out thoroughly, highlighting all of his problems and needs. This ensured that a very individual care plan could be set up for Mr G, with consideration given to all the factors and issues that could affect him. In his assessment, I took into consideration all the legislations that could affect his care plan. Monetary issues and his financial capabilities were just some of the factors that could have affected his care plan. A very professional attitude was maintained in the assessment process, making sure the client felt at 'home'. Despite the thorough assessment of Mr G, the care plan outlined was perhaps lacking in detail. Maybe a more detailed analysis of the care being provided to and for him should have been outlined. Seeing as the care plan has a direct effect on the role I assume, it is quite clear that my role will only be as detailed as the care plan. On a more positive note, the simplicity of the care plan should and will enable any care assistant to provide care for Mr G in the absence of his regular care assistant without much discomfort to Mr G. The monitoring of Mr G constantly will ensure that, his care plan will be evaluated regularly to make sure that he gets the best possible care. It will also mean that his condition will be kept under control. I believe that in my assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring of Mr G, I have managed to meet all his needs, which is what I set out to do. 1 0 ...read more.

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