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Health and social care early years provision

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Unit one Health and social care early years provision My chosen provider is donkey infant's school. The main area of services provided by donkey infant's school is early years. Early year service has much stuff related to it. The service has lots of responsibilities. Early year services include monitoring and early education. Providing advisory support to schools & settings receiving early education funding. Providing advisory support to Nursery Schools. Moderating & advising on the Foundation Stage Profile. Providing training to staff in schools & settings. Supporting schools. Providing a service to schools, settings, children and parents. Developing & maintaining links with other support services. Monitoring childcare vacancies. Providing high quality childcare and early education through Kids. The school is lead by a head teacher called Mr x. Donkey infant's school is a community school. Students in the school are aged between 3 to11. The pupils in the school are mixed gender and it's a mixed race school. Most the students at donkey infant school come from the same background. The school is in the statuary public sector. This means it is paid for by the government. The government pays the school so the children can have a free education. The government does not charge anyone for this service but the money comes from taxes and other government collected revenues. The diagram shows how the school are funded. ...read more.


The school provides school meals for the student. This service is provided for all the students. The school makes sure that all students have a balanced diet. The school have stopped providing chocolates and crisps because they have become a healthier school. The school provide chocolate and crisps at special occasions like Christmas etc. the dinner the school provide are things like pudding, rice, vegetables, fruits, sandwiches etc. the food are paid by the government. Parents have to pay for the food for their children. There are few children that have free school meals if their parents are on benefits and etc. the fee for the food is 5 pound every week for per child. The schools also provide breakfast club. This is for students who want to have their breakfast at school. The breakfast is provided for all school students. This service is paid for by the school. This service is free for the students unlike dinner time. The school provides things like cereal, toast and juice etc. the breakfast is from 8:00am till 8:30 when registration starts. This service is held at the main hall. During beak time the school provide for the nursery and reception student a milk carton to drink. This service is paid for by the school. The parents have to pay a small fee for this service which is �2.50 per week. The school provides education for all the student. The education is took place at school. ...read more.


They both provide lollypop many. This is for the safety of the children crossing the road. Both schools also have their own field. The field is used to do out door activity. Both school used the field for special occasions like sports day. Both schools also provide dinner for all the students and parents pay for the dinner. Some students at both schools receive free school meals. Both schools are also found under the public sector and are paid by the relevant government. Both schools also provide non educational and educational trips. Trips can be museums or a them park. These services are paid by the schools but the schools have to contribute and pay a small fee for the trips. Both schools provide social care services. If the school believes that there is a problem with the students family or he or she is living, family brake up and child abuse etc. Then school may contact the social services. Then there are services that donkey infants don't provide like speech therapy and public holiday booster classes. Guiseley infants also don't provide after school football club, etc. this means that the school are nearly the same but with a few differences. Most the students that attend Guiseley infants are from the same background. Most the students from donkey infant's school are from the same background. Both schools are also mixed race and gender. Which means any students aged 3 to 11 can attend the school. Both schools go up to year 6. Muhammed Junayed Mizan ...read more.

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